Alternate K-PREP Communications

Published: 9/17/2013 11:16 AM

​Communications between KDE and districts/schools occur on a regular basis with staff who have elected to be a part of the Alternate Assessment E-mails.


Teachers may sign-up to receive these messages​ automatically, by sending a request to: KDE DAC Information

Alternate K-PREP messages contain important deadlines, training opportunities and more.

Alternate Assessment Email 20150327.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201503273/27/2015Alternate K-PREP Attainment Tasks (AT) Materials Shipping for Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20150311.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201503113/11/2015Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science Standards, Content Areas adn Standard Requirements Tested in Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20150121.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201501211/21/2015School Level Materials To Be Destroyed, District Level Materials Retained, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Available at Grades 12 and 14
Alternate Assessment Email 20150106.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201501061/6/2015Make-Up Testing for Window 1, Alternate K-PREP Non-Participation
Alternate Assessment Email 20141216.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2014121612/16/2014Score Entry in Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing, School Level Materials To Be Destroyed, District Level Materials Retained
Alternate Assessment Email 20141205.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2014120512/5/2014First Alternate K-PREP Window Ends December 12, SRD Score Entry Ends December 19
Alternate Assessment Email 20140911.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201409119/11/2014Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training Available September 15, Kentucky Alternate Assessment Resource Guide, Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science
Alternate Assessment Email 20140903.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201409039/3/2014Online Training System Maintenance, KCAS for Science Grade 7 Correction
Alternate Assessment Email 20140826.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201408268/26/2014Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science, Science Assessment Plans for 2014-15
Alternate Assessment Email 20140808.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201408088/8/2014Alternate K-PREP Content Statements, Science Statement Update, Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Training to Open
Alternate Assessment Email 20140521.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201405215/21/2014Alternate Assessment List Serve, Second Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Closing, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closes June 13, End of Year Survey
Alternate Assessment Email 20140408.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201404084/8/2014Second Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Begins April 14, Window 2 Extended to June 6
Alternate Assessment Email 20140321.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201403213/21/2014Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Extension, Attainment Tasks Materials Shipping for Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20140204.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201402042/4/2014Newly Placed Blind/Visually Impaired Alternate Assessment Students
Alternate Assessment Email 20140110.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201401101/10/2014Make-up Testing for Window 1, Alternate K-PREP Nonparticipation, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Available for Grade 14 Students, AAAF
Alternate Assessment Email 20131031.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2013103110/31/2013Alternate K-PREP Testing Window, Individual Room Assignment (seating charts), TAR Available at Grade 12, Student Registration Database
Alternate Assessment Email 20131017.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2013101710/17/2013
Alternate Assessment Email 20130913.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201309139/13/2013TAR Available at Grade 12, TAR Recorded Trainings, TAR Administration Guide
Special DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130904.docxSpecial DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201309049/4/2013Tactically Enhanced Supplemental Alternate K-PREP Materials for Visually Impaired Students, Alternate K-PREP Online Training System Review of Teacher Quiz Status by District Administrators
Alternate Assessment Email 20130816.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201308168/16/2013Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Trainings, New Teachers Need to Register for Online Quiz Site, Steps to Access Online Trainings, Testing Windows
SPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130307.docxSPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201303073/7/2013Make-up Testing for Window 1, Exemptions for Alternate K-PREP
Alternate Assessment Email 20130227.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201302272/27/2013Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing for Test Window 1, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training
Alternate Assessment Email 20130218.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201302182/18/2013First Alt Assessment Testing Window Closing, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing for First Window, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training
Alternate Assessment Email 20130110.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201301101/10/2013Student Registration Database (SRD), Attainment Task Materials
SPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130104.docxSPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201301041/4/2013District Checklist for monitoring Alternate Assessment, Attainment Task Training Quiz Closing, Monitoring Teacher Quiz Status
Alternate Assessment Email 20121214.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2012121412/14/2012Attainment Task Training, Alternate Assessment Released Items, Marking Students Correctly in Infinite Campus
Special Alternate Assessment Email 20121206.docxSpecial Alternate Assessment Email 2012120612/6/2012Alternate K-PREP Released Items and Instructional Materials
Special Alternate Assessment Email 20121203.docxSpecial Alternate Assessment Email 2012120312/3/2012Attainment Task Trainings Parts 1-3 Available, Attainment Task Guidelines
Alternate Assessment Email 20121102.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2012110211/2/2012Alternate K-PREP Overview Training, New KDE Web, Data Release, Kentucky Peer Buddies Education Center, AAAF Information
Special Alternate Assessment Email 20120918.docxSpecial Alternate Assessment Email 201209189/18/2012Online Training System Closed, Grade 14 Students
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