Alternate K-PREP Communications

Published: 9/17/2013 11:16 AM

​Communications between KDE and districts/schools occur on a regular basis with staff who have elected to be a part of the Alternate Assessment E-mails.


Teachers may sign-up to receive these messages​ automatically, by sending a request to: KDE DAC Information

Alternate K-PREP messages contain important deadlines, training opportunities and more.

Alternate Assessment Email 20150825.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201508258/25/2015Alternate K-PREP Teacher Resources
Alternate Assessment Email 20150814.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201508148/14/2015Alternate K-PREP Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Trainings, Systems Page for Online Training System and SRD, New Teachers and Administrators Registration for Online Training
Alternate Assessment Email 20150722.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201507227/22/20152015-16 Alternate K-PREP Calendar, Expanded Alt K-PREP Aligned to KCAS Science Standards, Instructional Sequence for Science, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Removed from Grades 8 and 10
Alternate Assessment Email 20150602.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201506026/2/2015Alternate K-PREP Student Registration Database (SRD) Deadline, School and District Level Materials to Be Destroyed by June 30, End of Year Survey Due June 12
Alternate Assessment Email 20150526.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201505265/26/2015Second Alternate K-PREP Test Window Closing, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing, Alternate Assessment End of Year Survey
Alternate Assessment Email 20150327.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201503273/27/2015Alternate K-PREP Attainment Tasks (AT) Materials Shipping for Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20150311.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201503113/11/2015Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science Standards, Content Areas adn Standard Requirements Tested in Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20150121.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201501211/21/2015School Level Materials To Be Destroyed, District Level Materials Retained, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Available at Grades 12 and 14
Alternate Assessment Email 20150106.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201501061/6/2015Make-Up Testing for Window 1, Alternate K-PREP Non-Participation
Alternate Assessment Email 20141216.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2014121612/16/2014Score Entry in Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing, School Level Materials To Be Destroyed, District Level Materials Retained
Alternate Assessment Email 20141205.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2014120512/5/2014First Alternate K-PREP Window Ends December 12, SRD Score Entry Ends December 19
Alternate Assessment Email 20140911.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201409119/11/2014Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training Available September 15, Kentucky Alternate Assessment Resource Guide, Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science
Alternate Assessment Email 20140903.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201409039/3/2014Online Training System Maintenance, KCAS for Science Grade 7 Correction
Alternate Assessment Email 20140826.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201408268/26/2014Alternate K-PREP Aligned to KCAS for Science, Science Assessment Plans for 2014-15
Alternate Assessment Email 20140808.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201408088/8/2014Alternate K-PREP Content Statements, Science Statement Update, Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Training to Open
Alternate Assessment Email 20140521.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201405215/21/2014Alternate Assessment List Serve, Second Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Closing, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closes June 13, End of Year Survey
Alternate Assessment Email 20140408.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201404084/8/2014Second Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Begins April 14, Window 2 Extended to June 6
Alternate Assessment Email 20140321.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201403213/21/2014Alternate K-PREP Testing Window Extension, Attainment Tasks Materials Shipping for Window 2
Alternate Assessment Email 20140204.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201402042/4/2014Newly Placed Blind/Visually Impaired Alternate Assessment Students
Alternate Assessment Email 20140110.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201401101/10/2014Make-up Testing for Window 1, Alternate K-PREP Nonparticipation, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Available for Grade 14 Students, AAAF
Alternate Assessment Email 20131031.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2013103110/31/2013Alternate K-PREP Testing Window, Individual Room Assignment (seating charts), TAR Available at Grade 12, Student Registration Database
Alternate Assessment Email 20131017.docxAlternate Assessment Email 2013101710/17/2013
Alternate Assessment Email 20130913.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201309139/13/2013TAR Available at Grade 12, TAR Recorded Trainings, TAR Administration Guide
Special DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130904.docxSpecial DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201309049/4/2013Tactically Enhanced Supplemental Alternate K-PREP Materials for Visually Impaired Students, Alternate K-PREP Online Training System Review of Teacher Quiz Status by District Administrators
Alternate Assessment Email 20130816.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201308168/16/2013Combined Overview/Attainment Tasks Trainings, New Teachers Need to Register for Online Quiz Site, Steps to Access Online Trainings, Testing Windows
SPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130307.docxSPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201303073/7/2013Make-up Testing for Window 1, Exemptions for Alternate K-PREP
Alternate Assessment Email 20130227.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201302272/27/2013Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing for Test Window 1, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training
Alternate Assessment Email 20130218.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201302182/18/2013First Alt Assessment Testing Window Closing, Student Registration Database (SRD) Closing for First Window, Transition Attainment Record (TAR) Training
Alternate Assessment Email 20130110.docxAlternate Assessment Email 201301101/10/2013Student Registration Database (SRD), Attainment Task Materials
SPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 20130104.docxSPECIAL DAC-DoSE Alternate Assessment Email 201301041/4/2013District Checklist for monitoring Alternate Assessment, Attainment Task Training Quiz Closing, Monitoring Teacher Quiz Status
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