Alternate K-PREP Resources

Published: 9/14/2015 11:06 AM

​The Alternate K-PREP is the assessment provided to Kentucky students with the most severe cognitive disabilities. The resources below provide assistance to students participating in the Alternate assessment.

Administration Guides

2015-16 Combined Overview-Attainment Task Administration Guide​


2015-16 TAR Administration Guide

Alternate K-PREP Test Requirements


Alternate K-PREP Parent Guide

Alternate K-PREP Parent Guide (Spanish Version) 


Alternate K-PREP Timeline

2015-16 Calendar


Alternate K-PREP Science Progressions for Elementary, Middle and High School

Earth Science

Engineering and Technology

Life Science 1

Life Science 2

Physical Science 1

Physical Science 2


Alternate K-PREP Abbreviations

AT - Attainment Tasks

LCI - Learner Characteristics Inventory

SDRR - Student Data Review and Reporting Application

SRD - Student Registration Database

TAR - Transition Attainment Record


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