Nonacademic Data

Published: 9/23/2013 3:30 PM


The nonacademic data includes results from attendance, retention, dropout, graduation and successful transition to adult life.

​The attendance rate provides the percent of attendance for all students and is collected from primary through grade twelve (12).

The retention rate is the percent of students that are held back (retained) in the prior grade and is collected for grades four (4) through twelve (12).

The dropout rate is the percent of students that drop out of school and is collected for grades seven (7) through twelve (12). The dropout definition holds schools accountable for students for a full school year, which includes summer dropouts.

The successful transition to adult life data provides detailed information on the status of Kentucky graduates. The transition data is collected in the fall of each year when school personnel survey prior year graduates. Successful measures for graduates include full-time college, vocational or technical school, military, work and a combination of work/school. 

Nonacademic Data Presentation 

(For 2013 Cohort)


Nonacademic Data Collection Guidelines

Use the following guidelines in collecting and reporting the nonacademic information for the November 1, 2013 submission.

Nonacademic Data Collection Guidelines



Senior Transition Survey

The Annual Senior Transition Survey is completed by seniors who will be graduating from high school; receiving a secondary GED from an approved program; or a certificate of completion at the close of this academic school year. The survey is unchanged from last year. Each of the students described above should complete the survey prior to graduation. The completed surveys should be shared with the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator or a CTE Teacher to include the CTE information requested in the shaded area on page two. If you have questions about this survey, please contact Tina Logan at or David Curd at Both can also be reached by phone at 502-564-9853.

Annual Senior Transition Survey

Annual Senior Transition Survey

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