Research Data

Published: 9/24/2012 1:23 PM

The Kentucky School Testing System is the state assessment system for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Currently, the components are the Kentucky Core Content Test (KCCT), Alternate Assessment, the ACT, PLAN and the nonacademic component. Schools and districts receive the Interim Performance Report (IPR), which provides detailed information and performance results. Electronic files are available containing the data that appears on the IPR. 

​For improved access, this research data has been moved to an Office of Assessment and Accountability folder on the Kentucky Department of Education FTP site. This folder currently contains a document entitled File Layouts that lists all file types with a brief description of each. Finally, the files are divided into folders by type, NCLB and State Testing Results. To access this ftp site enter into your Browser and click enter.
Note: none of the files currently on the site is password protected, so if/when a login appears, log in as anonymous and you should have no problems opening or downloading files.
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