School Report Card

Published: 6/24/2013 11:32 AM


​​Kentucky’s new School Report Card (SRC) will be used to report data in fall 2012 for Kentucky’s new assessment and accountability system, Unbridled Learning: College/Career-Ready for All.

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) will no longer produce a separate Kentucky/Interim Performance Report with assessment results for schools and districts. Instead, results will be displayed within the new SRC. When data are released to schools and districts in early October before public reporting, District Assessment Coordinators and other appropriate school and district staff will access the reports within the SRC.
The public release of the School Report Card is set for November 2, 2012. The 2011-12 Report Card will include new accountability data as well as significant online enhancements.

School Report Card data include:
  • Profile – includes district/school name, address, SBDM members, BOE members, school-defined graphic/picture, location on state map and mapped coordinates (as defined through Front Door initiative)
  • Learning Environment – includes data on students, teachers, community and safety
  • Coming Soon – Assessment, Accountability & Delivery (new tabs and new data)
Previous School Report Cards are available here.
If you have questions about the School Report Card, e-mail or contact Kevin Hill at (502) 564-9853.
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