DAC Meetings

Published: 3/27/2014 11:48 AM

​Meetings are held throughout the state of Kentucky each February to inform District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) of upcoming assessments, rosters, data reviews and changes to the Assessment and Accountability System.

​Materials are distributed at each meeting - some by paper, but all are in electronic format. For those unable to attend, these materials have been posted on this page. Many of these materials may be found on a page associated with a specific assessment.

Recorded videos with associated PowerPoints may be found on the Meetings and Trainings page.

CCR Resource 20150130.xlsx
DACMtg - College and Career Readiness Contacts ResourceCCR3/10/2015
KDE Online Tests - Technology-Workstation Set up Links.docx
DACMtg - Guide to Online Tests SetupDAC Meeting3/10/2015
Summary of State Assessments for School Year.xls
DACMtg - State AssessmentsDAC Meeting2/9/2015
2015 DAC Meetings HANDOUT Alternate Assessment Important Dates.doc
DACMtg - Alternate K-PREP Important DatesDAC Meeting2/10/2015
AAAF Requirements.pdf
DACMtg - Alternate K-PREP AAAF RequirementsDAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings Alternate K-PREP.pptx
PowerPoint - Alternate AssessmentDAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings High School final.pptx
PowerPoint - EOC, ACT, Compass, KYOTE, ASVAB, KOSSA, WorkKeys, Industry Certificates (CCR)DAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings KPREP.pptx
PowerPoint - K-PREPDAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings Opening.pptx
PowerPoint - Hot Topics, Test Security and AccountabilityDAC Meeting3/11/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings Regulation Update and Accommodations.pptx
PowerPoint - Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Regulations and K-PREP Text ReaderDAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 February DAC Meetings SDRR.pptx
PowerPoint - Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR)DAC Meeting3/10/2015
Acct Flowcharts A1 and Alternative Prog 20140124.pptx
Accountability Flowcharts for A1 and Alternate Programs based on 100-Day RuleDAC Meeting3/10/2015
2015 Important Dates.xls
DACMtg Handout - Important DatesDAC Meeting2/4/2015
Alternative  Program Scenarios 2.doc
DACMtg - Alternative Program Scenarios - AccountabilityDAC Meeting2/9/2015
Alternative Program Scenario Answers 2.doc
DACMtg - Alternative Program Scenarios Answers - AccountabilityDAC Meeting2/9/2015
Helpful Assessment and Accountability Contacts 2014-15.doc
DACMtg - Helpful Assessment and Accountability ContactsDAC Meeting2/9/2015
Future Topics - Feb 2015 Superintendents Webcast.pdf
Future Topics - First 18 Minutes with Rhonda Sims DAC Meeting3/12/2015
2015 DAC Meetings Trainings - Video and PowerPoint Links.docx
2015 DAC Meetings Video/Topic Synopsis with Links to Videos and PowerPointsDAC Meeting3/12/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 3 TAM.pdf
DACMtg - Grade 3 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 4 TAM.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grade 4 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 5 TAM.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grade 5 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 6 TAM final.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grade 6 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 Grade 7 TAM final.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grade 7 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 8 TAM.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grade 8 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Blueprints.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Blueprints with Science UpdateK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Grade 10  11 TAM.pdf
DACMtg - K-PREP Grades 10 and 11 TAMK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 DAC Meetings K-PREP Important Dates.docx
DACMtg - K-PREP Important DatesK-PREP3/10/2015
2015 K-PREP Testing Format Items and Times 2014_10_24 Final.xlsx
DACMtg - K-PREP Testing Format Items and TimesK-PREP3/10/2015
2014-15 KYOTE Training The Writing Exam.pptx
DACMtg - KYOTE Writing Exam Updated Training PowerPoint March 2015KYOTE3/10/2015
A Brief KYOTE User Guide 13.pdf
DACMtg - KYOTE Updated User Guide - February 2015KYOTE3/10/2015
SDRR Data Review User Manual 2015.docx
DACMtg - SDRR Data Review Manual for Explore and PlanSDRR3/10/2015
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