Data Release Resources

Published: 1/5/2017 9:51 AM

To foster understanding of the new Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability system, the Office of Assessment and Accountability has pulled together resources in one place needed by districts and schools.​

​Many of these resources can be found on various pages throughout the KDE website. OAA has attempted to make a single place to begin to answer the assessment and accountability questions which will arise from the public data release. These resources include Word documents, PDFs, links to vendor sites, videos and PowerPoints.


2016 School Report Card Workbook

2015-16 Unbridled Learning Accountability Overview 


2016 Quality Control (QC) Day Training 


Preliminary Data Nondisclosure Agreement (QC Day 2016)

Embargoed Data Nondisclosure Agreement



2016 Accountability Calculator 

August 2016


Accountability Calculator v6 August 2015


Calculating Novice Reduction

Calculating Categorical Student Growth


How to Print from the SRC Using Chrome (~2 min. Video)


Quick guides describing data calculations for Achievement, Gap, Growth, CCR and Graduation Rate for students taking 


Cut Scores for K-PREP & CCR

Cut Scores for K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP and EOC 
Updated Alternate Assessment cuts, Language Mechanics from the ACT
includes updated On-Demand Writing Scale Score ranges
Test Blueprints 
K-PREP Number of Test Items and Test Times 

2015-16 K-PREP Format Items & Times

2014-15 K-PREP Format Items & Times

2013-14 K-PREP Format Items & Times


Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)


Alternate K-PREP



Summary reports are available for schools and districts from the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) and Alternate K-PREP.

PearsonAccess Report Information

Parent Guides from Unbridled Learning


KDE DAC Information
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