Student Data Review and Rosters Application (SDRR)

Published: 4/21/2016 11:11 AM

​The Student Data Review and Roster (SDRR) application is used for all state assessment rosters and for data review/cleanup of assessment results.​​​​

​SDRR is available to all District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) and approved staff. The District WAAPOC can provide school and district level users access by granting them the appropriate permissions for their school(s) upon request of the DAC. OAA does not handle user permissions or passwords; please contact your District WAAPOC for assistance if needed.

New manuals and training materials will appear as SDRR is updated. Please check for a new version each time a roster period opens or a data review period occurs.


Current SDRR Manuals

2016 Spring Rosters User Manual

2016 Cohort Graduation Rate User Manual


Previous SDRR Manuals 

2016 ACCESS for ELLs Rosters User Manual

2016 ACT Rosters User Manual (March 2016)

2016 Dropout Student Listing User Manual

2016 Spring Testing Windows Instructions (March 2016)


Final 2015 Data Review

2015 QC Data Review User Manual

2015 CCR Scores User Manual

2015 Cohort User Manual


Spring 2015 Rosters (April 27)

Adding K-PREP Testing Windows

SDRR Helps (Contacts)

ACT Rosters

ACCESS for ELLs Rosters

Explore/Plan Data Review

SDRR Dropout Data Review Manual

SDRR Explore/Plan Roster Manual

SDRR Adjusted Cohort Data Graduation Rate Manual (Updated 3/9/2015)

SDRR CCR Scores Manual

SDRR Data Review Manual



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