2016-2017 Program of Studies by Program Area

Published: 10/5/2016 11:10 AM


A consolidate publication of Kentucky Career Pathways for local development of master scheduling and guidance tools to support student success in career and college readiness.

2016-2017 Preview to Career Pathways Document


Agriculture Education

2016-2017 Agriculture Education

Business and Marketing Education

2016-2017 Business Education
2016-2017 Marketing Education

Construction Technology

2016-2017 Air Conditioning Technology (HVAC)
2016-2017 Building and Apartment Maintenance Technology

2016-2017 Construction Carpentry Technology

2016-2017 Construction Heavy Equipment

2016-2017 Electrical Technology
2016-2017 Masonry

2016-2017 Plumbing Technology

Engineering & Technology Education

2016-2017 Engineering and Technology

Family and Consumer Sciences

2016-2017 Family and Consumer Sciences

Health Sciences

2016-2017 Health Sciences 

Information Technology

2016-2017 Information Technology

Junior Reserve Office Training Corps (JROTC)

2016-2017 JROTC

Law and Public Safety

2016-2017 Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Manufacturing Technology

2016-2017 Computer Aided Drafting
2016-2017 Computerized Manufacturing and Machining Technology

2016-2017 Industrial Maintenance Technology

2016-2017 Metal Fabrication Technology

2016-2017 Welding Technology

2016-2017 Wood Manufacturing

Media Arts

2016-2017 Media Arts

Transportation Education

2016-2017 Automotive Technology
2016-2017 Collision Repair
2016-2017 Diesel Technology
2016-2017 Powersports Motorcycle
2016-2017 Small Engine Repair


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