Family and Consumer Sciences Overview/Program of Studies

Published: 6/11/2014 2:58 PM



2014-2015 Program of Studies


Documents which summarize the FCS program area, including an overview, list of course titles and descriptions, career majors, model course sequences, etc.

Family and Consumer Sciences Career Pathways
All FCS career pathways and sequence of courses can be found in this document.

Culinary and Foods Services
Foods and Nutrition
Culinary I
Culinary II

Consumer and Family Management
Life Skills
Money Skills
Money Skills for Math
Foods and Nutrition

Early Childhood Education
Child/Human Development
Child Development Services I
Child Development Services II

Fashion and Interior Design
Life Skills
Fashion and Interior Design I
Fashion and Interior Design II

Fundamentals of Teaching
Child/Human Development
Advanced Child/Human Development
Principles of Teaching

Hospitality Services
Principles of Hospitality
Specialized Services in Hospitality
Advanced Foods and Nutrition

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