Pathway to Careers

Published: 6/11/2014 3:16 PM

Provides a continuum of career education experiences for middle and high school students and introduces them to a broad range of career-related learning opportunities.  Course content includes concepts of human relations, life and employability skills and opportunities for work-based learning.

Overview/Program of Studies for Pathway to Careers
The curriculum materials for Pathway to Careers were revised and updated to help teachers prepare students for competing in today’s workforce.  These materials include updates in relation to technology, preparation for careers, and skills for the 21st Century.  The materials may be used by any certified teacher implementing the Pathways to Careers program.

Curriculum Alignment for Pathway to Careers Courses
Alignment of Business and Marketing career majors with common core standards, technical literacy standards, KOSSA standards, 21st Century skills, and national standards.​

Career Choices
Career Choices in the middle school is an exploratory course which introduces students to a broad range of career opportunities. Units of instruction focus on three areas... employability skills, career awareness, and education/career planning.

Career and Technical Education Resources
Resources relating to Career and Technical Education include those that will assist educators in providing quality instruction to improve the academic and technical achievement of students.

Leadership Dynamics
The curriculum for the Leadership Dynamics course has been developed as a separate course for high school students or to be included as a component of the various Career Pathways in Career and Technical Education. The objective of the course is to assist students in preparing for leadership roles during and beyond high school.

Professional Organizations
State and national professional organizations relating to career and technical education.