Important Reminders

Published: 10/19/2012 8:50 AM
​Special Population Students Need STRUCTURE
Just like all students, special needs student require constant and consistent structure in their learning environment.  Any sway to this can cause behavior problems to erupt.  Try to keep things as structured as possible with clear and concise instruction along with sticking with routine events.
​Consistency is Key to Maintaining a Positive Learning Climate
Consistency will determine the number of behavior problems you will have repeat in your classroom.  By establishing rules and consequences, and consistently enforcing those consequences you will see the number of times that exact behavior is replicated diminish to almost extinction.
Communication is Essential with ALL Parties Involved
Above all communicate your expectations clearly to the students, your administration, the collaborative teacher, and especially the parent.  By keeping all of these parties involved and up-to-date you will decrease the amount of headaches you could have down the road.
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