Involving Parents/Guardians

Published: 10/19/2012 8:50 AM

​Parents can be a key person to have in your corner when it comes to the instruction of their child.  By keeping the parents informed and updated the lines of communication will be open, and there will be less likely of a chance of misconstrued information from occurring.  It is especially important to keep special population parents involved in all events dealing with the progress or decline of their son/daughter's performance in your class.  Below are some suggestions to opening the line of communication.


Helping Parents Communicate with Teachers 
Student Behavior Inventory
This inventory is to be completed by the teacher regarding a particular student.  The student is scored using a behavior rubric in five distinct areas that directly affect the learning environment.  This inventory can be used to document on a routine basis the behavior to be directly communicated with the parent and/or collaborative teacher.  The rubric clearly describes a behavior, and if desired specific incidents that occur in your room can be documented to give examples.  This is an easy and time-efficient way to communicate necessary messages in a short amount of time.  This is also a great documentation device for your records by dating it and filing it. 
Academic Weekly Performance Sheet
By monitoring the weekly academic performance of a student regarding a specific task such as homework, it will allow the student to better understand their grade, along with the parent as to why they are receiving a particular grade in that area.  This sheet can even require a parent or collaborative teacher signature on a weekly basis to help them know what is going on in the classroom on a regular basis.  The chart simply works by documenting on each day how many questions they were to answer, how many they actually did answer, and the number they got correct, and finally their score.  The tally is kept for each day of the week and is a simple way to get the student more involved with their grades.
This contract goes beyond the IEP, and makes a direct agreement upon desired actions and consequences to undesirable actions in your classroom between the students, their parents/guardians, and yourself.  The contract can be updated as frequently as you or the other parties like, and is to be kept on file to keep all parties responsible for the other.  This is one way to make a student take more responsibilities and to ensure parent support with consequences.
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