Mutual Respect

Published: 10/19/2012 8:50 AM

​This section provides sources of information on how to gain respect from students within your class, how to be professional as a new or experienced teacher, and strategies to implement to create a positive, and inviting classroom environment.  Sources listed below include websites, books, and articles.

The First Days of School:  How to Be an Effective Teacher
by Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong
This book provides a wealth of information for all teachers.  It contains information on how to be a successful teacher, how to create a positive environment, classroom management ideas, how to be a professional and much more.
Mutual Respect
Children and Respect
by University of Maine Cooperative Extension – Family Issues Facts
This article describe what respect is, provides examples of what children feel is respectful and disrespectful and provides seven tips on how we might educate children to respect themselves and others.
Mutual Respect
by Family Education
Schools that value good communication between the home and school
must develop ways to maintain contact with the parent over time in a way
that builds mutural respect.
Maintaining Professionalism
Top 10 Tips for Student Teachers
These tips can aid student teachers (as well as new and experienced teachers) as they begin their first teaching assignments.  These are not suggestions for how to approach the students but instead for how to most effectively succeed in your new teaching environment.
Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board
EPSB is the standards and accreditation agency for Kentucky teachers and
administrators and for programs of education at Kentucky colleges and  
Are You A Professional?
This site identifies characteristics of a professional and compares it to the characteristics of an amateur. 
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