Time Management

Published: 10/19/2012 8:50 AM

​As teachers become more and more accountable for student success, taking advantage of every minute of class time becomes crucial. Efficient use of class time can increase student performance and decrease teacher anxiety.


Here are some Classroom Management techniques regarding efficient use of class time (class schedule will effect the amount of time spent on particular items listed below.)
Lead-In Activity (10 minutes)- technique used to get students on-task immediately upon entering the classroom, while the teacher takes role and organizes class materials.
1.      "Quote/Word of the Day" - Students respond to a quote or word written on the board by putting in down in their notebooks.
2.      Trivia Question or Brain Teaser- Students are given a question that will challenge them and get their brains "warmed up."
3.      On-demand Prompt- Students respond to a on-demand writing prompt to be put in their notebooks. Many schools encourage on-demand writing because of the Senior CATS Testing section.
4.      Shortly discuss the lead-in activity before beginning class.
Preview (5 minutes)- make sure students know what is expected of them during your class time.
1.      Discuss each portion of the class in advance so that students know what is in store for them.
2.      Have a student recap the previous day's lesson by giving a short overview in front of the class (this also promotes communication skills.)
Lecture/Notes (20-30 minutes)- Students attention spans are short, but notes and lecture a very necessary.
1.      Cover a suitable amount of material so that the main points can be reinforced later in the class through activities.
2.      Encourage student input and questioning during lecture time. 
Demonstration/ Group Activity (15-20 minutes)- provide a hands-on activity to reinforce the class topic.
1.      Examples of this could be a group assignment, a lab experiment, a brainstorming activity, a demonstration, etc.
Lesson Overview (10-15 minutes)- make sure that all the main points of the lesson have been addressed during this time.
1.      Review topics by asking students "What did we learn today?" See if they got the message.
2.       Have students reflect in their notebooks what they thought were the important topics of the day's lesson.
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