Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA)

Published: 8/4/2015 1:48 PM

KOSSA is one of two measures that can be given to students to meet the career ready technical portion of college and career readiness. KOSSA tests are aligned to CTE Career Pathways. 

2015 KOSSA Test Coordinator and Administrator Manuals
This manual describes procedures that district and 
school KOSSA test coordinators must follow before,during, and after administration of the KOSSA
Part I provides detailed information on the
responsibilities of the KOSSA Test Coordinator.
Part II provides information needed by individuals
involved in the administration and proctoring

All individuals participating in the administration of KOSSA shall comply with the Administration Code for Kentucky's Educational Assessment Program and Inclusion of Special Populations.  Required trainings must be completed prior to the administration of KOSSA at the local level.  Nondisclosures and Group Signature Sheets verifying training should be kept on file.

The KOSSA testing window is February 2 – March 31, 2015.Schools meet CRITICAL DEADLINES in order for students to test.
The Division of Support and Research has created a number of forms that can be downloaded for use by schools and districts in implementing the state's Assessment and Accountability Program.
Office of Assessment and Accountability Calculator Use Policy for State Testing.
KOSSA is being administered through TFI online assessment system and is delivered by the E-SESS engine. Please review the technical specifications provided by TFI and KDE to ensure a smooth testing experience.  DACs, BACs, and Principals should communicate with Building and District Technology Coordinators to confirm all guidelines in this document are addressed prior to local administration of the test.
The KOSSA Online Sample Test allows students to practice using the online testing environment and become familiar with test format.  Prior to testing, the online sample test should be run on every device that will be used for live testing to ensure local system performance.  The online sample test can be accessed using the following login information:      
Organization Name:   KOSSA
                            First Name:                 Sample
                            Last Name:                  Sample
                            Password:                   Sample

A seating chart must be completed for each testing room and kept on file locally.  Be certain the room configuration matches that of the testing site.


  • KOSSA Alignment Documents

    ​Staff from the Office of Career and Technical Education and KOSSA Task Force members have developed the KOSSA Alignment Documents for those areas where revised Academic and Employability standards were adopted in 2012.  These documents are designed to assist with alignment of curriculum from the old standards to the new standards.  For information about the content of these documents please contact Program Area Consultants.

  • KOSSA Skill Standards Documents

    The skill standards document describes skill standards to be assessed in the certification process.  Current curriculum offered in schools should align to these standards.
  • Valid KOSSA and Industry Certifications for College/Career Readiness

    ​The College/Career Readiness Rate depends on ACT scores, college placement scores and for the Career component, Industry Certificates, KOSSA, WorkKeys, and ASVAB.  Industry Certificates for Career Pathways are reviewed and updated on an annual basis so that Career and Technical Education programs will know what Industry Certificates are approved for inclusion in the High School Graduate College/Career Readiness Percentage.  Industry Certificate data must be reported in the Technical Education Database System (TEDS).
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