Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA)

Published: 12/11/2014 11:29 AM

Future economic growth is dependent upon the availability of a highly skilled and quality-oriented workforce.  In order to ensure that career and technical education students have acquired the skills necessary for successful transition from high school to postsecondary studies or the workforce, Kentucky initiated a Skill Standards, Assessment, and Certification System.  This system is based upon clear and concise standards identified by employers across the state which culminates in a performance based training and assessment system.  Skill Standards provide a common language, goals, and reference points for employers, students, and educators.  With these commonalities, educators are better able to design curriculum to meet the needs of industry; students have a better understanding of what they must know and be able do in order to prepare for careers; and employers have in place an efficient system for recruiting and evaluating potential employees. 

The Skill Standards Assessment System was initially adopted as a performance indicator for Perkins Act Accountability. Technical Skill Proficiency is measured by the percentage of secondary students who receive a Skill Standards Certificate. More recently, KOSSA was identified as a component of the Kentucky Unbridled Learning Accountability System as a measure of career readiness for senior preparatory students.

Kentucky has in place Skill Standards and Assessments in the areas of agriculture, business and marketing, health science, human services, information technology, communications, construction, transportation, technology and engineering, and manufacturing. All high schools and technical centers are required to integrate these standards into their instructional programs.






  • KOSSA Alignment Documents

    ​Staff from the Office of Career and Technical Education and KOSSA Task Force members have developed the KOSSA Alignment Documents for those areas where revised Academic and Employability standards were adopted in 2012.  These documents are designed to assist with alignment of curriculum from the old standards to the new standards.  For information about the content of these documents please contact Program Area Consultants.

  • KOSSA Skill Standards Documents

    The skill standards document describes skill standards to be assessed in the certification process.  Current curriculum offered in schools should align to these standards.
  • Valid KOSSA and Industry Certifications for College/Career Readiness

    ​The College/Career Readiness Rate depends on ACT scores, college placement scores and for the Career component, Industry Certificates, KOSSA, WorkKeys, and ASVAB.  Industry Certificates for Career Pathways are reviewed and updated on an annual basis so that Career and Technical Education programs will know what Industry Certificates are approved for inclusion in the High School Graduate College/Career Readiness Percentage.  Industry Certificate data must be reported in the Technical Education Database System (TEDS).
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