Carroll County ATC Anti Bullying Project

Published: 4/5/2013 2:53 PM

​Statistics show an alarming number of students endure bullying even though many states including Kentucky have passed laws to make it a crime. It is estimated that one out of three children have been bullied and one out of three have been bullies themselves.

​Melanie Ransdell and Kasey Hunter are best friends, victims of bullying and the newest crusaders against it. The two Carroll County Area Technology Center students are using a HOSA Future Health Professionals project and their own experiences as a way to teach elementary students about bullying. They have developed a presentation as part of their Health Sciences class designed to educate others about the dangers of the practice and how to make their schools bully-free zones.

“I saw a lot of people getting bullied and I wanted to make a difference so I sat down one day and put my thoughts together and want to get the word out there to get it stopped,” said Ransdell. “We may not get it all stopped but we can make the percentages go down.”

Bullying takes on different forms from name calling and torment, to physical contact. Ransdell added that it not only happens at school but others places, as well like at work, at home and even over the internet.

The two students spent countless hours putting together the project which included a display board and literature, along with a scrapbook and a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to those items, they also organized a demonstration component where the two took the message to a local elementary school.

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