Next Generation Professionals Delivery Plan

Published: 5/3/2013 8:30 AM
The Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) set the vision to have every student taught by an effective teacher and every school led by an effective principal. Recognizing the value and significance of this premise, the Next Generation Professionals Delivery Plan is designed to guide the comprehensive implementation of a common statewide professional growth and effectiveness system, a human capital development and management strategy, and policy changes that will redefine the professional growth of educators to meet the college and career needs of all Kentucky’s children. The Next Generation Professionals Delivery Plan is anchored in the use of data and research to support teaching and learning conditions in every school in the Commonwealth.
There are two main targets for the Next Generation Professionals delivery plan. These will be baselined in 2015.
1) Increase the percentage of effective teachers from __% in 2015 to __% in 2020.
2) Increase the percentage of effective principals from __% in 2015 to __% in 2020.
The districts participating in the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) Field Test are depicted in the map above. There are currently 44 districts and more than 100 schools participating.
​The Kentucky Department of Education has identified the following strategies to help districts and schools reach their annual delivery targets. More information on each strategy may be found in the Next Generation Professionals Delivery Plan.
Strategies for this Delivery Plan
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The Human Capital Management Plan is based on the use of the data which will drive district and school actions to acquire top talent, develop and retain talent over time, place equitably distributed teachers and leaders in key roles in schools and districts to support student learning all driven by data from the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System.

Theory of Action:

If schools and districts build systems and policies that ensure the recruitment of highly effective teachers and leaders based on student need;

and if equitable distribution, data and resources are utilized to match teachers’ strengths, certifications and skill-sets to meet student needs;

and if highly effective teachers and leaders are retained;

then every child will be taught by a highly effective teacher or leader and graduate college and career ready.

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expand Strategy : Professional Learning & Support ‎(1)
The Professional Learning and Support Strategy strives to advance and improve the quality of professional learning by reviewing professional development statutes and regulations to make needed changes, along with determining what sources of data can provide feedback to make informed decisions regarding the use of time and resources.
Theory of Action:
If educators receive specific, personalized feedback through their effectiveness scores (as measured by the PGES) to gain an understanding of their current performance,
and if educators use their effectiveness scores to develop and implement an appropriate professional learning plan
and if educators implement their professional learning plan to fidelity,
and if effective professional learning opportunities are made available to educators,
then the effectiveness of educators will grow and student outcomes will improve.
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