July 26 2013

Published: 2/25/2015 4:53 PM
In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
  • Notes from the July 25 Superintendents Advisory Council Meeting (SAC)
  • Link to recording of July 25 Superintendents’ Webcast (PowerPoint attached)
  • PPGES: Registering for ValEd (Follow-up to question asked during July 25 Superintendents’ Webcast)
  • Commissioner’s Comments to this Week’s LRC Appropriations and Revenue Committee Meeting (Attachment)
  • Reminder of Sept. 5 Superintendents’ Summit (Invitation attached)
  • Save the Date for a SB 97 Celebration at the Capitol (Applies to all districts that have adopted or will adopt a policy raising the compulsory school age to 18 by August 8)Commissioner’s Blog
  • eTranscript Launch – (Note: All districts should be registered by July 31.)
Fast Five on Friday
(Eight this Week)
Notes from the July 25 Superintendents Advisory Council Meeting (SAC) – My Superintendents Advisory Council met via LYNC on Thursday, July 25.  A total of 34 participants engaged in the discussion with 17 of those being superintendents.  Notes from the discussion are as follows:  
• Clarification on the Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PPGES) and availability of training on PD360 will receive clarification through upcoming e-mails from the commissioner.  While principals must be certified as an observer to meet the requirements of the Teacher Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (TPGES), there are no other required trainings for certification in the PPGES.  However, trainings are available for the PPGES and Kevin Stull (kevin.stull@education.ky.gov) is providing additional leadership to this work. In addition, the Kentucky Leadership Academy (KLA) is providing training opportunities to support PPGES implementation.
• Dr. Floyd and Dr. Holliday presented the current progress on the Next-Generation Superintendent Evaluation System (NGSES) being developed for a statewide pilot in 2014-15 and implementation in 2015-16.  Dr. Floyd explained the process and the work of the steering committee and pledged progress updates to all superintendents.  Clarifying questions were asked about the ASSIST tool being developed.  Dr. Floyd said the intent is for it to be ready for early October.
• A discussion of and the need for a message on sequestration was discussed.
• Dr. Holliday informed superintendents that there is going to be a district spotlight each week in the Fast Five.
• Questions were raised about the early enrollment option for 4- year-olds and their receipt of SEEK funds, if enrolled.  Clarification needs to be issued about when students age-out of the program as to whether they are still enrolled with regard to SEEK.
• Dr. Holliday encouraged districts to consider attending the National Dropout Conference as an appropriate avenue for their districts as related to HB 187.
• Clarification needs to be issued to clear up confusion between the Redbook training requirements and HB 182 requirements relative to substitute teachers as employees.  Dr. Holliday noted that this could be an unintended consequence of the Redbook requirements and acknowledged the need for clarification on the employee status of substitute teachers.
• Dr. Holliday noted that he is trying to seek additional funds for grants to all districts that raise the dropout age to 18 and said he would continue to look for funds.
• Dr. Holliday reminded everyone of the need for the September 5th Superintendents Summit to be well attended.
• Dr. Holliday committed that the legislative agenda from KDE would include restoration items, such as a return of base SEEK per child to the 2008-09 level, a return of flex focus funds to a similar level and a return of the commitment for bandwidth and electronic resources.  As to expansion requests, discussion included encouraging legislators to seek funding for full-day kindergarten.
Link to recording of September 25 Superintendents’ Webcast – For those of you who could not watch yesterday’s webcast live, you can access a recording of it at the following link:  http://mediaportal.education.ky.gov/videos/superintendent-webcast-july-2013/.
Also, you can find the PowerPoint used during the webcast attached to this e-mail.  If you do listen to the recording, please make sure you participate in the interactive survey that is conducted during the broadcast.  We will leave the survey open until noon on Thursday.
PPGES: Registering for ValEd - The Val-Ed survey is a critical component of the Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PPGES).  The survey is administered two times per year – once in October and once in March – on those years when the TELL survey is not administered.  The PGES Principal Year-At-A-Glance gives suggested timelines for when districts should order the survey.  Both administrations of the survey are included in the cost of registration.
To register, districts should contact Shirley Lafavers at the Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA) (Shirley@kasa.org or 502-875-3411) with the names of those principals participating in the PPGES.  She will provide the necessary support to ensure the appropriate individuals in the district have access to the instrument.
For additional questions regarding the purpose of the ValEd, the constructs included in the survey, or the survey’s role in the PPGES, please contact Kevin Stull at KDE (kevin.stull@education.ky.gov).
Commissioner’s Comments to this Week’s LRC Appropriations and Revenue Committee Meeting – KDE was asked to present to the Appropriations and Revenue Committee this week on the impact of sequestration.  Attached are my comments that were made to the members of this committee.
September 5 Superintendents Summit – All superintendents were sent an invitation to the September 5 Superintendents’ Summit this.  The invitation is attached.  Please make sure you register your attendance by e-mailing Thelma Whiteside at Thelma.Whiteside@education.ky.gov or calling her at (502) 564 – 2106 by Aug. 19.
Save the Date for a SB 97 Celebration at the Capitol – The superintendents and board chairs of those districts passing a policy raising the compulsory school age to 18 and submitting all required documentation into ASSIST will be receiving an invitation from Governor Beshear, First Lady Jane Beshear and myself to attend a recognition event on the afternoon of August 8 at the Capitol rotunda in Frankfort.  This includes all districts that have completed or will complete these steps between now and August 8.
You and your board chair are asked to arrive at the Capitol by 1:00 p.m. and check-in at Room 110.  There you will receive further instructions for the event.  It will include a group picture, recognition of districts/press conference and a reception in honor of school districts.  If your district has already taken this action or plans to do so between now and August 8, please put August 8 on your calendar, and I hope you and your board chair will travel to Frankfort for the recognition that you deserve for doing the right thing for the students of our state.
Commissioner’s Blog This Week – My blog this week deals with commitments I have made to superintendents and is titled “Success hinges on alignment, communication, resources”.  You can access it at the following link:  http://kyedcommissioner.blogspot.com/2013/07/success-hinges-on-alignment.html.
eTranscript Launch -  On Monday, with the help of Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson, KDE, the Council on Postsecondary Education and the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority will be launching Kentucky eTranscript. I have shared this in several previous communications. This service allows Kentucky high school students to send their transcripts, electronically, securely and at no cost, to participating colleges and universities -- without having to go through their guidance counselor, saving time. Nearly all Kentucky public and private colleges are taking part along with some out-of-state schools.
eTranscript is free to districts and is being phased-in over the coming months. To participate, districts must sign up online and choose an implementation date.  After the announcement Monday, you will need to share when eTranscript will be available in your district with students, parents and the media if they ask; thus, I encourage you to complete registration as soon as possible.
If your district has not signed up, you will need to designate a district representative and register online. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes. All districts should be registered by July 31. Once registration is complete, districts may choose between August 2013 and March 2014 to go live with the new system.
The state is moving to the electronic transcript for all Kentucky high schools. The district registration link and more information is available on the eTranscripts Web page. If you have questions or comments, please contact Dede Conner with the Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Services (KIDS) at dede.conner@education.ky.gov.
If you have questions on any of the articles included in this edition of Fast Five, please contact me at the e-mail address or phone number found below.
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