December 6 2013

Published: 2/26/2015 10:24 AM
​In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
• Commissioner’s Evaluation and Goals for 2013-14
• DACs Begin Quality Control
• Superintendent Evaluation Report Due in ASSIST Dec. 20
• PGES Webcasts
• Reminder of the Dec. 13 Superintendents’ Webcast
• Links to Recording of the Dec. 4 KBE meeting and its materials
• Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring David Lester, Pike County
• This Week’s Commissioner’s Blog
Fast Five on Friday
(Eight This Week)
Commissioner’s Evaluation and Goals for 2013-14 – At the Dec. 4 Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) meeting, the board approved the attached letter as my official evaluation. I am sharing it with you for both transparency and as a model that is available for superintendents and their boards to reference during the evaluation process. At the same meeting, I provided the KBE with my proposed goals for 2013-14 (attached) that address the areas for growth found in my evaluation.
Both documents are part of the official meeting materials for the Dec. 4 KBE meeting and I will also be posting them on the commissioner’s page on the KDE website. Thus, the public can have access to the results of my evaluation process as well as my goals for next year.
DACs Begin Quality Control – DACs were sent data earlier today from the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) to begin a quality control of combined Overall Score Data and 2014 AMO Goals.
OAA has completed the calculations to combine Next-Generation Learners and Program Review data. The process accomplishes the following:
• combines Next-Generation Learners at 77% and Program Reviews at 23% to generate a new Overall Score;
• identifies the overall combined scores associated with Proficient, Distinguished and School/District of Distinction; and
• sets an individual Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) goal for each school and district for the 2013-14 school year.
As always, OAA is committed to data accuracy. The combined data and AMOs are provided to DACs to review and highlight systemic issues before the data are shared publicly in Open House on the KDE website.
During Quality Control, issues may be identified and data may change. Therefore, it is important that DACs limit the discussion of data during quality control. DACs may discuss the data with local leadership and educators, but please do not discuss the information in public meetings or with the media until the data has been finalized and posted to the KDE website.
Any issues with the combined data and AMO goals must be reported to OAA by 5:00 p.m. EST on December 20 by e-mail at
If you have questions about the process, please e-mail Rhonda Sims at or contact the Division of Support and Research at 502-564-4394.
Superintendent Evaluation Report Due in ASSIST Dec. 20 – Please keep in mind that the deadline for submission of the Superintendent Evaluation Report in ASSIST is close of business on Dec. 20, 2013. As this deadline rapidly approaches, it is essential to finish the requested upload into ASSIST.
As you consider the steps to upload your board conversations on the topics requested, there are resources available. The online tools and support are available at:
For individual assistance on procedural issues, contact Dr. Tommy Floyd at For technical support in ASSIST, contact Ginger Kinnard at
PGES Webcasts – The next Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) webcast is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 13 at 11 a.m. EST. This webcast will provide a pilot implementation review as well as focus on the new Educator Development Suite features and functionality to be available in late January. Frequently asked questions from the field also will be addressed during the webcast. The live webcast may be viewed via mms://
The November webcast focused on building capacity to scale the PGES work and ensuring all educators are prepared for full implementation in 2014-15. This webcast and all archived KDE webcasts can be found on the KDE Media Portal.
Reminder of the Dec. 13 Superintendents’ Webcast – The next superintendents’ webcast is scheduled for Dec. 13 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST. Please put this on your calendar.
KSBIT is one of the topics to be covered and Commissioner Clark from the Department of Insurance will be joining me on the broadcast. We will also cover the study being conducted on the career and technical centers by the Southern Regional Education Board, Superintendent PGES, and K-Screen data.
You will receive the PowerPoint and link to the webcast next week, prior to the actual broadcast. As is customary, send any questions during the broadcast to
Links to Recording of the Dec. 4 KBE meeting and its materials – The Kentucky Board of Education met this week on Wednesday. You can find the recording of the meeting by clicking here and the materials for it by clicking here.
Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring David Lester, Pike County (Picture Attached) –
David Lester, a 35-year veteran of the Pike County school district and a first-year superintendent, is enthusiastic about the opportunities available to Pike County students. While the district achieved a 32 percent increase in testing performance this past school year, there are challenges that remain.
The district has a determined focus on student engagement and student achievement, beginning this year with instructionally-centered administrative meetings. The district is targeting efforts to build better student, teacher and administrative leadership. The teachers at each of the 19 schools in the district have been given every opportunity for leadership development.
Another exciting development has been the ongoing effort to build strong student leaders. The district offers student leadership opportunities at all levels. In addition to the middle school Entrepreneurial Programs and the high school county-wide leadership program specifically geared toward student leadership, the district has developed its own leadership training program for middle school students.
The district continues to observe its strong commitment to standards-based instruction at every grade level and is working intensely with career and technical centers, along with postsecondary institutions, to provide diverse options and opportunities for secondary students.
At the same time, the ultimate goal of the district is to make learning exciting and challenging for every student. “As the focus of the district moves toward student success and achievement, we look forward to a productive and meaningful year,” Lester said.
This Week’s Commissioner’s Blog – My blog this week it titled “A Perfect Storm is Brewing.” You can access it at the following link:
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