January 25 2013

Published: 2/25/2015 4:22 PM
In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
  • Persistence to Graduation Tool, 2013 Release Schedule
  • Follow-up from January 24th Superintendents’ Webcast
  • E-Transcripts 2012-13 Pilot
  • Changes to End-Of-Course Assessment
  • Commissioner’s Blog on Progress on the PGES
  • Materials Available from USDOE on ESEA Waiver Flexibility
Fast Five on Friday
(Six this Week)

Persistence to Graduation Tool, 2013 Release Schedule - The Persistence to Graduation Tool (PtGT) is available for use in Infinite Campus (IC). This report was turned on again in late December, and we encourage districts and schools to use the tool as part of their College and Career Readiness work. The Persistence to Graduation Tool is available under KY State Reporting > KDE Reports; it’s available to run from the district level but can be run by school. It’s recommended that large districts run by school instead of district to optimize performance. Please be aware of the points below to maximize effectiveness of this tool.
To prevent system performance issues:
• Districts must run this report outside of school operating hours. The PtGT requires a large amount of data to fulfill report requirements and, if run during operational hours, could cause system slowness or outages that would affect anyone trying to simultaneously use the system. For districts on centralized servers in Frankfort, there is the potential for affecting not only their own district but other districts on the same set of servers.
• Run the report only one time and allow enough time for the report to finish. Click on the “Generate Report” only one time. Each subsequent click schedules an additional report, which further overloads the server. Be aware that there might be a slight time delay from the moment the click is made until the report is produced.
To ensure data quality:
• Verify LEP students are set up correctly in Infinite Campus. Prior to generating the PtGT, please execute an LEP extract report and verify LEP student status to ensure all LEP students are included. If you have questions related to the LEP extract, please contact the Office of Next Generation Learners at (502) 564-4970.
• Verify that grades (pass/fail) are set up correctly. This can be done by looking at an existing PtGT report. If you do not have an existing report, you will need to run one. If students are known to have failing grades but are showing no failing grades, it is possible that grades are set up incorrectly in System Administration > Grading & Standards.
The Kentucky Department of Education appreciates your patience as we work to continue to improve this tool to support your district’s efforts in increasing college and career readiness for all Kentucky students.
Follow-up from January 24th Superintendents’ Webcast - You can view a recording of this week’s Jan. 24th webcast by clicking here. Also, the PowerPoint used during the webcast is attached.
Additionally, it was requested during the webcast to send out the link for the location where the Readiness and Operations Guides for Office 365 could be accessed. These can be found by clicking on the following link:
Another request was to remind everyone how to get to the new charts in the school report card that show the trajectories for delivery planning. Here is the sequence of steps to find the charts:

• Go to the school report card at http://applications.education.ky.gov/SRC/ 
• Choose either the district or the school report card that you want to view and click on “View Card”.
• Next, click on the Delivery Targets tab.
• Finally, click on the option for seeing either the District or School Trend Data, according to whether you are looking at the district report card or a school report card.
• You will then see the charts that show the trajectories for college- and career readiness, proficiency and non-duplicated gap group targets. Delivery targets are shown in black and actual scores are shown in purple.
Questions on delivery planning can be directed to Karen Dodd at (502) 564-4201 or via e-mail at karen.dodd@education.ky.gov.
E-Transcripts 2012-13 Pilot – Three Kentucky education agencies (KDE, KHEAA and CPE) have partnered on an electronic transcripts project. The 2012-13 pilot includes 15 schools from 15 districts. Full implementation will occur in 2013-14.
KDE is collecting transcripts from participating districts and working with four higher education institutions on preferences for a common transcript format.
Questions on this project can be directed to DeDe Conner at (502) 564-2020 Ext. 208 or via e-mail at dede.conner@education.ky.gov.
Changes to End-Of-Course Assessment - The End-of-Course (EOC) assessment model has a combined purpose, instruction and accountability. These areas have different needs that must be kept in balance within the program. To keep that balance, changes to the EOC model must be made.
The QualityCore program offers many instructional resources. However, the reporting of constructed response items in the QualityCore assessment program was unable to add instructional value to the teaching and learning process. Therefore, constructed response items will shift from state administration to local administration. Shifting constructed response to a local administration will render much more instructional value, student motivation, and test security than can be provided at the state level. This change also means a school could move to computer-based EOC testing that provides immediate results for final exams.
To support the implementation of this change beginning with the February 1 – March 15 test window, a WebEx link will be available Monday, January 28 via the District Assessment Coordinator’s (DAC) Monday E-mail. The training will focus on Spring 2013 policy changes and test administration.
For questions, please contact the Division of Support and Research in the Office of Assessment and Accountability at (502) 564-4394 or dacinfo@education.ky.gov.
Commissioner’s Blog on Progress on the PGES – Check out my blog this week that deals with the progress we are making on the development of the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System at http://kyedcommissioner.blogspot.com/2013/01/progress-on-professionalgrowth-and.html.
Materials Available from USDOE on ESEA Waiver Flexibility - The U.S. Department of Education has posted to its website a set of materials that provides an overview of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility process, the same process that Kentucky participated in to receive its ESEA flexibility waiver along with 34 states and the District of Columbia.
These materials—a brochure and five companion fact sheets—are designed to explain the rationale and intent of ESEA flexibility, as well as address its key components and highlight plan elements for a number of states approved for flexibility. The brochure and fact sheets can be found on the U.S. Department of Education’s updated ESEA flexibility web page about halfway down the page under the heading “Information for Communities”. You can see the materials by clicking here.
Feel free to share these with your staff, parents or the community to assist them in understanding the flexibility that the U.S. Department of Education has granted to us as a state.

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