June 27 2014

Published: 2/24/2015 2:56 PM

​In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
• Status of Local District Compulsory Attendance Policies
• #PGES4ME Update
• Reminder: Superintendent Evaluation Report for ASSIST Due June 30
• Upcoming KBE Meeting on August 6-7
• Assistance with District Approval of Program Reviews in ASSIST
• Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Sam Dick, Caverna Independent
• Commissioner’s Blog

Fast Five on Friday
(Seven This Week)
Status of Local District Compulsory Attendance Policies
The number of school districts who have adopted policies raising the compulsory attendance age to 18 per the requirements of Senate Bill 97 are now at 149 out of 173. Previously, we were able to provide $10,000 planning grants to the first 96 districts adopting such policies, in order to help them create programs to identify, intervene and prevent students from dropping out of school. KDE is happy to announce that we are able to offer $10,000 planning grants to the remaining 53 districts that have passed this policy. These grants are in the process of being released over the next few weeks. In addition, KDE continues to strongly encourage the remaining 24 districts to adopt compulsory attendance policies. We also will explore opportunities to provide planning grants to these remaining districts in the future.
#PGES4ME Update
Based on district feedback to the structure of the #PGES4Me simulcast, KDE has made a few changes. Simulcasting live from Southland Christian Church on Richmond Road in the Lexington location on July 21 will occur, but we have cancelled the satellite locations. We apologize for the inconvenience to any who had already signed up to attend at these locations.
The simulcast will be made available to all from any location on July 21. A link will be sent out in advance to view the simulcast. A backchannel, an online question and answer platform, will be open during the simulcast to take questions from those watching remotely. The simulcast also will be archived and available for school and district use starting July 22.
Educators are encouraged to attend the live simulcast at Southland Christian Church on Richmond Road in Lexington to receive the benefit of in-person training, small group sessions, networking opportunities, live facilitators, and the opportunity to earn professional development and EILA credit. Please click here for registration instructions. 
Contact Kevin Stull at kevin.stull@education.ky.gov with questions.

Reminder:  Superintendent Evaluation Report for ASSIST Due June 30
The second edition of the Superintendent Evaluation Report for ASSIST is due for the spring semester by June 30, 2014.
Superintendents are to document and upload evidence of the conversations with their boards from the spring semester.
The department has created a helpful link that is pertinent to the completion of the spring Superintendent Evaluation Report for ASSIST under the PGES Icon on the KDE home page, or you can simply click on the link found below:

For technical assistance with ASSIST, please contact Ginger Kinnard at KDE by e-mail at ginger.kinnard@education.ky.gov.
Upcoming KBE Meeting on August 6-7
The next Kentucky Board of Education meeting will occur on August 6-7. The board’s annual retreat will be held on Wednesday, August 6 at the Capital Plaza Hotel with the topics being Instructional Transformation: Changes in Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the morning and dual credit/enrollment in the afternoon.
The regular business meeting is scheduled for August 7 in the State Board Room. Highlights of the meeting include election of the chair and vice chair for 2014-15; updates on KDE/EPSB collaborative work, the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, social studies and arts standards, the World Language Grants, and districts under state assistance; review of the district finance report card, 702 KAR 3:320, Finance Officer Certification (First Reading), and 705 KAR 4:250, Energy Technology Engineering Career Pathway (First Reading); and approval of KSB/KSD policy updates, 702 KAR 1:160, School Health Services (Second Reading), 702 KAR 7:140, School Calendars (Second Reading) and 703 KAR 5:250, Intervention Options in Priority Schools and Districts (Second Reading).
The agenda and materials for the meeting will be available on the board’s online materials site (http://portal.ksba.org/public/Agency.aspx?PublicAgencyID=4388&AgencyTypeID=1) seven to ten days prior to the meeting.
Questions can be directed to Mary Ann Miller (maryann.miller@education.ky.gov)  or Susan Palmer (susan.palmer@education.ky.gov) at (502) 564-3141.
Assistance with District Approval of Program Reviews in ASSIST
Over 100 schools are still awaiting approval from the district for final submission of the Program Reviews to KDE in ASSIST. If a district is having difficulty with the final approval of these, it can contact AdvancEd technical support at (888) 413-3669 or review the procedures in the AdvancEd ASSIST Technical Guide: Completing and Submitting Program Review Reports at http://education.ky.gov/curriculum/pgmrev/Documents/10-13%20technical%20assistsance%20guide.pdf.
If you have questions about the program review process itself, please contact Robert Duncan at robert.duncan@education.ky.gov.

Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Sam Dick, Caverna Independent (Picture)
Over the last four years, Caverna Independent Superintendent Sam Dick has led the focus on college- and career-readiness at Caverna High School, increasing partnerships with local industry and implementing “The Leader in Me” program at the elementary and middle schools.
In 2010, only two percent of the graduating class was considered college- and career-ready. However, in the 2012-13 school year, 44.8 percent of seniors were deemed college- and career-ready. In 2010, Caverna High School ranked 22nd out of 229 schools in Kentucky in mathematics; after the 2012-13 school year, the high school ranked fifth in the state in mathematics. Superintendent Dick attributes this success to the hard work of the teachers and staff at the high school.
Increasing community partnerships is another exciting initiative that is ongoing in the district. The high school is currently pursuing a grant that would allow them to partner with a local industry to start an industrial maintenance program. The students will benefit by completing the program and have the opportunity to complete nearly half of the credits needed for an associate’s degree in industrial maintenance. This will be one of the only programs of its type in the state.
Caverna Middle School is working on partnering with Dart Container to start an agriculture/gardening program. The students will be building raised beds for flowers, edible berries, and vegetables that will be donated to the community or back to the school lunch program.
“The Leader in Me” program is in full swing at Caverna Elementary School and seeing positive results. Students are goal-setting with the end in mind and working toward reaching those goals. Disciplinary referrals are down, and the program has had a positive impact on the culture of the school. Caverna Middle School will implement the program when school resumes in August and expects the same positive results.
Editor’s Note:  Earlier this month, Superintendent Sam Dick announced that he is retiring from the district after 32 years. His replacement has not been announced.
Commissioner’s Blog
My blog this week features Dr. Tommy Floyd as a guest blogger and is titled “Changing Preschool Delivery Could be Win-Win For All”. It can be found at http://kyedcommissioner.blogspot.com/2014/06/changing-preschool-delivery-could-be.html.
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