June 6 2014

Published: 2/24/2015 4:01 PM

​In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
• Links to recording of and materials for June 4 KBE meeting
• Implementation of World Language Program Review to Begin in High Schools in 2014-15
• Planning and Professional Development Grants for World Language/Global Competency Programs
• Other Professionals Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (OPGES) Update
• Sign up for “#PGES4Me” now in PD Planner
• Kentucky Education Association (KEA) Requests Link to Survey be Shared with All School District Employees
• Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Kathy Fields, Jessamine County
• Commissioner’s Blog

Fast Five on Friday
(Eight This Week)
Links to recording of and materials for June 4 KBE meeting
The Kentucky Board of Education met this week on Wednesday with some actions occurring that are key to KDE’s college and career ready agenda. The board passed a motion in support of my plan for moving ahead with teaching the Next-Generation Science Standards this fall in every grade, K-12, with development of a new test for elementary and middle school occurring after the 2014-15 school year. While there will be no K-PREP science test in 4th- and 7th-grades in the coming school year, students will still take science assessments as part of the EXPLORE (8th grade), PLAN (10th grade), ACT (11th grade) and End-of-Course (high school) tests. Second, the board voted to move ahead with implementation of the World Language Program Review at the high school level in 2014-15, with accountability in the 2015-16 school year. See the next article below for details on this action.
The background materials for these decisions as well as for the entire meeting can be found by clicking here. The video recording of the meeting can be found by clicking here.

Implementation of World Language Program Review to Begin in High Schools in 2014-15
At the June 4 meeting, the Kentucky Board of Education approved the following plan for the implementation of Program Reviews:
All districts’ high schools will pilot the World Language Program Review (WL PR) in 2014-15, entering information and evidence in ASSIST to set their baseline. High schools will be held accountable for the WL PR in 2015-16.
All districts’ elementary and middle schools in 2014-15, under leadership of school-based decision making councils, will answer the questions in the World Language Program Review template in ASSIST but not upload evidences as baseline data. This provides each elementary and middle school the opportunity to become more familiar with the rubric, examine current practices, identify needs, and create a stronger programmatic improvement plan PRIOR to the required statewide pilot/baseline setting year. These schools also will answer two questions around what resources (time, training, human, fiscal) are necessary to implement the program review in 2015-16. This will be key information that the KDE uses in planning supports for the successful implementation of this program review.
Elementary and middle schools will be given the option to choose to use the current World Language Program Review rubric to upload evidences as a 2014-15 “informational pilot”. They would be using that information to more fully inform program planning and improvements for 2015-16. All entered information could be maintained for the statewide pilot year (2015-16), only updating changes as new evidence is produced. Elementary and middle schools will be held accountable for their WL PRs in 2016-17.
Contact Amanda Ellis at (502) 564-9850, ext. 4151 or via e-mail at amanda.ellis@education.ky.gov if you have questions on this matter.
Planning and Professional Development Grants for World Language/Global Competency Programs
In order to keep moving on the World Language Program Review for the elementary and middle school levels, I announced at this week’s Kentucky Board of Education meeting that KDE will be providing $200,000 in planning and professional development grants for individual schools and districts that want to develop model programs in elementary and middle school world language/global competency that can be administered at a low cost. The goal will be to create a stronger focus on global competency as a component of a strong world language/global competency program. Individual awards will be in the range of $4000-$9900. This is a one-time grant opportunity to establish clear models. By the end of June, KDE will issue guidelines and a timeline for the grant process.
Other Professionals Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (OPGES) update
The Kentucky Frameworks for Teaching – Specialist Frameworks for “Other Professionals” are now available on the OPGES webpages. You can access this page by clicking here.
Districts should begin identifying participants for the 2014-15 OPGES Pilot. The webcollector will be available very soon to begin registering participants.
Sign up for “#PGES4Me” now in PD Planner
On July 21, KDE will be simulcasting a launch for the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System from Southland Christian Church on Richmond Rd. in Lexington to five other locations around the Commonwealth. Participants may now sign up to attend any of the six locations through PD Planner. Locations will be available at Morehead Conference Center in Eastern KY, Corbin Arena in South Central KY, Bruce Convention Center in Western KY, Hardin County Performing Arts Center in West Central KY, Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Northern KY, and Southland Christian Church in Central KY. Registration is first come, first served. Schools and/or districts wishing to enroll all of their educators can contact Cathy White for assistance in registering them all at once instead of one at a time at cathy.white@education.ky.gov.
Kentucky Education Association (KEA) Requests Link to Survey be Shared with All School District Employees
The NEA-Foundation has selected the Kentucky Education Association (KEA) as one of five NEA state affiliates to help build capacity to meet educators’ professional needs in deeper ways. This work will help KEA align its resources to be more responsive to those needs. As a first step, KEA is gathering data from constituents about the association’s effectiveness and priorities for the future. The NEA-Foundation has engaged Brighter Strategies, a consulting firm that helps organizations accomplish their missions, to conduct the survey. The survey is now open at this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/55JWQCX.
KEA invites all Kentucky school employees (certified and classified; teachers and administrators) to participate. Please make the survey link available to all of your employees and encourage them to respond.
Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Kathy Fields, Jessamine County (Picture)
In her first year as superintendent of the Jessamine County school district, Kathy Fields’ leadership has been marked by a commitment to moving the district’s schools from “good” to “great.”
As an instructional leader, Fields has worked with her team to refine the district vision and mission, develop a strategic plan that reflects a deliberate, intentional process to challenge all students to achieve at high levels and ensure that the right people, resources and supports are in place to make that happen. In addition, the district is currently working on a “Jessamine County Commitment” to align these efforts cohesively across grade levels to ensure that all students graduate not only college- and career-ready, but also “life-ready.”
Jessamine County continues to be a leader in educational innovation. Through the International Invitational Education Chapter pilot, the district participated in an exchange program, hosting a dozen students and two teachers from Hong Kong in January 2014. In another local project, the Jessamine Career and Technology Center is partnering with the E-911 program to develop the first dispatch-certification course for high school students in Kentucky.
The district strives to offer an open, inviting environment and encourage community involvement, developing strong community ties that ultimately benefit students. In partnership with the local Community Advocacy Resources Equity (CARE) group, the district has increased support systems for minority students, including an increase in the number of students enrolled in the YMCA Black Achievers. This program aims to close the achievement gap between minorities and non-minorities through educational and social programs. The district also is currently partnering with multiple community organizations to earn a “Work Ready Community” certification, a measure of a county’s workforce quality that serves as an assurance to business and industry that the community is committed to providing the highly-skilled workforce required in today’s competitive global economy.
Another area of emphasis at all levels is art education and appreciation. In partnership with the Jessamine County Education Foundation, the district hosts an “Art Walk” each year, highlighting the talent of its many student artists and their teachers. A districtwide Art Star awards program recognizes outstanding students in visual and performing arts.
Jessamine County has a renewed excitement for and focus on providing its students with not only a world-class education, but also providing the skills to be “life-ready,” equipping students for success in whatever path they take.
Commissioner’s Blog
My blog this week is titled “Science Standards, Assessments and Senate Bill 1” and can be viewed at: http://kyedcommissioner.blogspot.com/2014/06/science-standards-assessments-and.html.
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