March 22 2013

Published: 2/25/2015 4:23 PM

​​In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find article on the following:

  • TELL Kentucky Survey response to date exceeds 69 percent; map shows response rate by district (See attached map.)
  • Raising the dropout age to 18, SB 97
  • Need to submit "Intent to Adopt Form" on teacher/leader evaluation by March 29
  • Washington, DC meetings occuring this week
  • My blog this week on Work Ready Communities
  • Next superintendents' webcast on March 26
Fast Five on Friday
(Six this Week)
TELL Kentucky Survey response to date exceeds 69 percent; map shows response rate by district - As of this morning, more than 35,000 educators or about 69 percent of those eligible have participated in the 2013 TELL Kentucky Survey. All teachers, principals and other school-based certified educators may take part. See the attached map that shows the percentage of response rates to the TELL Kentucky Survey by school district.  The data was based on the rates as of Thursday morning - 3/21/13.  We ask that you continue to encourage your teachers and principals to participate.
As we close in on the final week of the TELL Kentucky Survey, it is critical to remind principals that a 50% response rate is required for any data to be made public. The TELL Kentucky Survey results gain a lot of state and local media attention. I hope principals will be encouraged to support their staff’s completion of the survey. It is always difficult to explain to the press why over 80% of teachers in Kentucky responded, but then an individual few schools or districts did not have data to report because they did not reach the 50% level. Plus, we really want to surpass Tennessee and North Carolina in our response rate!
Remember that to encourage participation, each week there will be drawing for two $1,000 cash prizes, one for a school with at least a 50 percent participation rate, and another one a school with a 100 percent participation rate at which the prize will go to an educator. Thanks to those partners who have donated private funds for the drawing: the Kentucky Education Association, Kentucky Association of School Administrators, Kentucky Association of School Superintendents and the Kentucky School Boards Association.
All school-based certified educators are asked to participate in the anonymous survey at The survey closes March 29.
Raising the dropout age to 18 (SB 97) – With the passage of SB 97, you may have questions about the implementation timeline of this bill. Many superintendents and school boards have expressed interest in quickly taking action to raise the dropout age. We appreciate the interests and the efforts of those wanting to ensure more students graduate with college/career ready skills.
KDE is working to develop several key items related to the implementation of this bill. We will be developing a website for this effort and included on the website will be a model policy that local boards may consider for adoption. Also, we will include resources and key strategies that districts may consider in order to ensure a successful transition from the current age of 16 to the new age of 18, as well as the process KDE will use to certify that the district has programs in place to meet the needs of students as required by the bill. We hope to have the website available in the next few weeks.
To clarify the timeline for implementation of this bill, we recommend that local boards move quickly to consider action on the policy adoption for raising the age to 18 but caution that the formal adoption of a policy needs to wait until the law becomes effective on or around July 1, 2013 (90 days from the last day of the General Assembly). For those districts moving to adopt as soon as possible, even though the board goes ahead and adopts the change, be aware that the dropout age is not actually raised to 18 until the 2015-2016 school year; however, the sooner that we get 55% of districts adopting policies, then the sooner that the clock begins ticking to require all districts to adopt a policy within four years of when the 55% is reached. Most importantly, early adoption gives notice to your rising freshmen of the potential change and gives your staff time to plan for a successful implementation.
Need to submit “Intent to Adopt Form” on teacher/leader evaluation by March 29 - To ensure districts are prepared to submit their final teacher and leader evaluation plans by the December 2013 deadline, you are asked to complete the District Declaration of Intent to Adopt Form found on the web collector at the link listed below. The form asks that districts select their intent to adopt the state-developed professional growth and effectiveness system or a locally-developed system that meets the ESEA waiver requirements. After consultation with the district’s local evaluation committee pursuant to 704 KAR 3:345, this form shall be completed and submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education no later than March 29, 2013.
The form is located at and can be completed and submitted online.
Washington, DC meetings occurring this week – Over the past week, KBE member Brigitte Ramsey, federal liaison Kevin Brown and myself met with members of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation to provide accurate information on the impact of sequestration and the need for ESEA reauthorization. We were well received by all members and feel that they understand the Kentucky issues.
My blog this week on Work Ready Communities – All of us want to make a difference in college/career ready rates and are searching for ways to impact this. For an excellent way to put more focus on college and career readiness, check out my blog on “Work Ready Communities” at
Next superintendents’ webcast on March 26 – Just a reminder that next week on Tuesday, March 26, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET, we will have the next superintendents’ webcast focused on sequestration and a summary of the legislation that passed this session. You will receive the PowerPoint and link to the webcast next week prior to the webcast.
Remember to e-mail any questions during the webcast to and as usual, we will record the broadcast for those that cannot participate live.
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