November 22 2013

Published: 2/25/2015 1:03 PM
In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
• Intervention Tab in Infinite Campus
• Program Reviews
• Superintendent Evaluation Report Due in ASSIST Dec. 20
• Operation Preparation, March 2014 (Note: Must complete survey found below to indicate intent to participate)
• KBE December agenda
• Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Linda Zellich, Hopkins County
• Next Superintendents’ Webcast on December 13, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST
• Commissioner’s Blog

Fast Five on Friday
(Eight This Week)

Intervention Tab in Infinite Campus – Over the last few weeks, KDE has been gathering feedback from school districts on how best to track interventions and report interventions at the state and district level. We are working to figure out how to make the Infinite Campus (IC) Intervention Tab a “value add” for districts rather than just another report that has to be done. We also are working to figure out what we can allow districts to stop doing.
As we work on this issue, I need to remind you that Response to Intervention (RTI) is a key requirement from the Kentucky General Assembly (see paragraph below) as well as within No Child Left Behind and IDEA. Common sense seems to indicate that schools and districts would track Response to Intervention in order to monitor individual student progress and identify interventions that are working and those that are not. When I visit schools, I usually see data walls where schools are tracking this information; however, it is difficult to complete an analysis at the state level without putting the “data wall” information into a software program for analysis.
Regarding the state legal requirements for KDE to track interventions, House Bill 69 from the 2012 Regular Session established the reporting requirement for KDE on RTI. KRS 158.305(10) states in pertinent part:

• (10) By November 30, 2013, and annually thereafter, the department shall provide a report to the Interim Joint Committee on Education that includes:
(a) Data on the number of school districts implementing response-to-intervention systems and scientifically based research practices in reading, writing, mathematics, and behavior;
(b) Information on the types of scientifically based research interventions implemented; and
(c) Data on the effectiveness of interventions in improving student performance in Kentucky schools.
Program Reviews – Recently, I blogged about Program Reviews that can be found at the following link: As the Program Review information is being reviewed by schools and districts, I need to remind you of KDE’s guidance found below.
Senate Bill 1 (2009) required annual review of programs. Schools and districts may complete this requirement by using ASSIST on an annual basis to input the Program Review scores for the rubrics. Schools and districts may choose to work on only one Program Review annually. We recommend that schools and districts choose the Program Review where the most improvement is needed; however, the final decision rests with the school and district. The school and district should have a plan to improve the Program Review ratings and should upload evidence of improvement in ASSIST. For the remaining Program Review areas, schools and districts only need to transfer scores on the rubric from the previous year into ASSIST for the current year. However, if a school/district changes a rating in the ASSIST rubric, there must be evidence uploaded to document why a change was made.
Superintendent Evaluation Report Due in ASSIST Dec. 20 – Please keep in mind that the deadline for submission of the Superintendent Evaluation Report in ASSIST is close of business on Dec. 20, 2013. As this deadline rapidly approaches, it is essential to finish the requested upload into ASSIST.
As you consider the steps to upload your board conversations on the topics requested, there are resources available. The online tools and support are available at:
For individual assistance on procedural issues, contact Dr. Tommy Floyd at For technical support in ASSIST, contact Ginger Kinnard at
Operation Preparation, March 2014 – It is time for Kentucky’s middle and high schools to start preparing for Operation Preparation 2014. During the month of March, Kentucky will participate in the 3rd annual Operation Preparation. During Operation Preparation, the community comes together to provide one-on-one advising opportunities for all 8th and 10th graders. A trained community volunteer will discuss with the student the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and EXPLORE or PLAN results. The volunteer advisor and the student will also discuss the student’s career aspirations, required education/training, whether the student is on target to meet his or her goals and whether the student is taking the required courses to prepare him or her for the future. This session will last approximately 20 minutes.
Advising is a key strategy in reaching the goal that all districts have set of increasing their students’ college- and career-readiness rates by 50 percent by 2015. In 2013, 114 districts participated in Operation Preparation; we hope that all of Kentucky’s 8th- and 10th-grade students will have the opportunity to participate in 2014.
Each district is asked to complete the survey found at the following link by December 6: Participation in the survey is necessary to confirm a district’s intent to participate in Operation Preparation 2014.
KBE December Agenda – The Kentucky Board of Education will meet on Wednesday, December 4 for its next regular meeting. Highlights of the agenda include approval of the 2014 legislative agenda, update on efforts to improve teacher preparation in Kentucky, update on the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, a strategic plan update on gap and proficiency, approval to make Fleming County School District state-assisted, approval of the commissioner of education’s evaluation document, review of the commissioner of education’s goals for 2013-14 and announcement of the Dr. Samuel Robinson Award winners.

To review the December 4 agenda and materials, click here.
Superintendents’ Spotlight Featuring Linda Zellich, Hopkins County (Picture Attached)
The Hopkins County school district works to educate every child using every effort, every day. The new emphasis in the district is on a new set of 3 R’s – “Respect, Rapport and Responsibility.” By focusing on these three components, the district is building a culture of caring in its schools. This includes demonstrating professional attitudes among employees, encouraging participatory leadership, and, above all, making a commitment to every child.
Hopkins County’s accountability results have grown tremendously. This year, the district improved to a Proficient rating and ranked 48th out of the 173 school districts in Kentucky, likely the highest ranking ever. The district also takes pride in four schools’ classification as Distinguished, including both high schools, with another two listed as Proficient. Hopkins County wants to sustain that progress and build on this success for the future.
Hopkins County also is concentrating on reaching out to the community, getting involved in community organizations and becoming a more visible part of the community by holding outreach activities in public venues. The district has a regular segment on a local radio show and is establishing a Superintendent’s Advisory Committee.
The new First Steps Paramedical Program is a unique opportunity that offers dual credit and specialized training to participating high school seniors. The program was created through the collaboration of Baptist Health Madisonville, Madisonville Community College, West Area Health Education Center and the Hopkins County school district. Partnerships like this are a valuable resource in efforts to help every student become college- and career-ready.
Next Superintendents’ Webcast on December 13, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST – The next superintendents’ webcast is scheduled for Dec. 13 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST. Please put this on your calendars. KSBIT is one of the topics to be covered and Commissioner Clark from the Department of Insurance will be joining me on the broadcast.
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Commissioner’s Blog – The title of my blog this week is “Easy standards and tests don’t help students reach college/career-readiness.” It can be accessed at the following link:
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