October 25 2013

Published: 2/25/2015 1:03 PM
​In this edition of Fast Five on Friday, you will find articles on the following:
  • Kentucky Selected to Join Network for Transforming Educator Preparation
  • Next Superintendents’ Webcast (Nov. 6, 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. ET)
  • Data on Home School Students (Attachment)
  • Superintendent Spotlight Featuring Donna Hargens (Attachment)
  • Safe Schools Report Reminder
  • Informational/Training Sessions for Continuous Improvement Planning (Attachment)
  • Redbook Clarification on Cakewalks
  • This Week’s Commissioner’s Blog
Fast Five on Friday
(Eight this Week)
Kentucky Selected to Join Network for Transforming Educator Preparation – Governor Beshear held a press conference on Wednesday to announce that Kentucky is one of seven states selected by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) to participate in a two-year pilot focused on transforming educator preparation and entry systems.  CCSSO created the Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP) to support these states ready to take action in key policy areas to ensure all educators are ready on the first day of their career to prepare their students for college, work, and life.  The seven states selected include: Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and Washington.
“Kentucky has long been a leader in education reform, thanks in large part to our enthusiastic and adaptive workforce of dedicated educators,” Gov. Beshear said. “Students learn best from well-prepared and well-trained teachers. The work of this pilot project supports our commitment to Kentucky’s children to provide them with a world-class education and to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed today and as our workforce of tomorrow.”
Over the next two years, the NTEP states will work with educators, training programs, colleges and universities, and school districts to improve the way states prepare the teacher workforce.
Next Superintendents’ Webcast – The next superintendents’ webcast is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 6 from 3-4 p.m. ET.  The topics for this webcast will be budget update, the Growth component of the assessment system, the National Institute of School Leadership, the superintendent’s role in the Principal Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, and update on the Superintendent Professional Growth and Effectiveness System Steering Committee/ASSIST tools for superintendent effectiveness.
As always, we will record the webcast and provide a link to the recording for those who cannot participate live.  If you have other topics you would like to see covered, e-mail them to maryann.miller@education.ky.gov.
Data on Home School Students – The Kentucky Board of Education and the Interim Joint Committee on Education both showed interest in the number of students moving from public schools to home schools. As a reminder, in Kentucky a home school is categorized as a private school. Home schools do have to: (1) register with the local school district, (2) maintain records of attendance and academic progress, (3) cooperate if there is an inquiry into attendance by the local school district Director of Pupil Personnel, and (4) teach at a minimum reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, grammar, history and civics. A link to the KDE site that contains guidance for home school education is: http://education.ky.gov/federal/fed/Pages/Home-School.aspx.
A spreadsheet showing the number of students moving to home schools over a five- year period is provided as an attachment. Home school students are coded and referred to as W20 students.
The spreadsheet shows data for individual districts with state totals at the bottom.
Highlights of some numbers pulled from the data are:
• During a five-year period, from 2009-2013, 18,607 students were coded as W20.
• The average withdrawal percentage rate to home school was .8 in 2009 and .8 in 2013.
• The range of the withdrawal percentage rate to home school was from 0 to 3.8.
• The two largest districts in the state (Jefferson and Fayette Counties) account for 590 of the 18,607 students or 3% of the total.
• 36 of 173 districts account for 50% of the total W20 withdrawals from 2009-2013.
• Of the 18,607 W20 students, 12,564 (68%) were coded as students receiving free/reduced lunch.
Superintendent Spotlight Featuring Donna Hargens, Jefferson County (Picture Attached) – We at Jefferson County Public Schools have a vision – all students graduate prepared to reach their full potential and contribute to society throughout life. We have worked toward realizing this goal during the past two years by developing and diligently implementing our strategic plan: Vision 2015. The 2013-14 school year is our year for action.
This year, JCPS met its Kentucky Department of Education annual measurable objective for the first time in history. While we are encouraged by the recent results, we are certainly not satisfied. We know that every child, every teacher, and every school must improve in order for us to achieve our vision.
Here are three of the new initiatives helping us in our pursuit of proficiency for all.
• Extended Learning Time – The Jefferson County Board of Education committed $5 million to provide extended learning time opportunities at all of our Priority Schools and other select schools throughout the district. Students at these schools can stay until 5 p.m. three days a week for interventions primarily in reading, writing, and math standards. An additional bus route provides transportation home for participating students. The initiative will offer up to 198 additional hours of learning for students who need it most.
• Schools of Innovation – As one of four KDE-designated Districts of Innovation, JCPS is conducting a communitywide competition to identify and develop innovative ideas for the creation of a School of Innovation. The process will provide the best innovators with fiscal and technical support to bring their new vision of teaching and learning to life in the 2015-16 school year.
• Louisville Linked – This unique program, which is also a part of our Districts of Innovation effort, matches the needs of students and families with services offered by more than 100 community, governmental, and nonprofit organizations in one step. You can visit the website through which it all happens here: http://louisvillelinked.jefferson.kyschools.us/index.html
Safe Schools Report Reminder – This is a reminder that the Safe Schools Report to support Senate Bill 8/HB 354 is due in ASSIST by November 1, 2013. 
• Only the district is required to complete the report in ASSIST.  The ASSIST Technical Guide, School Safety for Kentucky Schools Districts, will help you with completion of the district report in ASSIST.
• We are encouraging all schools to take a continuous improvement approach to school safety by completing the School Safety Diagnostic as a part of their Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and by using the planning and reflection tool that has been developed for schools as they refine and improve their safe school procedures.
• The Safe Schools Report for districts is a separate requirement from the Comprehensive District Improvement Plan, which is due in late December.
If you have further questions please contact Tom Edgett or Libby Taylor with KDE or call at 502-564-4772
Informational/Training Sessions for Continuous Improvement Planning – The Office of Next Generation Schools and Districts will be holding informational/training sessions for Comprehensive School and District Improvement Planning to provide guidance and support. More details about these sessions, including dates and locations, is attached.
Redbook Clarification on Cakewalk – During the Redbook revision process KDE received information from the Department of Charitable Gaming (DCG) indicating the classification for cake walks had changed and they were to be considered a “game of chance,” subjecting the activity to licensing requirements.  Since that time, DCG has clarified their position that cake walks are not subject to licensing requirements.  Information regarding cake walks has been updated in the Redbook FAQs available on the KDE website at: http://education.ky.gov/districts/FinRept/Pages/Accounting-Procedures-for-School-Activity-Funds.aspx.
Questions regarding Redbook maybe directed to Susan Barkley at susan.barkley@education.ky.gov, 502-564-3930, extension 4437.
This Week’s Commissioner’s Blog – This week, my blog is titled “Listening to the Voice of the Customer.”  You can access it at the following link:  http://kyedcommissioner.blogspot.com/2013/10/listening-to-voice-of-customer.html
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