April 29 2013

Published: 2/20/2015 3:23 PM
​As part of our effort to streamline communications and cut down on the number of e-mails you receive, this Monday E-Mail combines several items into one communication.
Please read the Monday E-mail as it contains information about the following KDE-related items:
• KDE chief of staff named
• Deadline for District of Innovation applications
• Competency-based Education Survey to be completed by Principals
• Capital Funds Request (CFR)
• Food that’s in when school is out (Attachment)
• Mathematics professional learning opportunity
• Equine Youth Festival winners
• Kentucky Teacher – An early start to college/career-readiness, CPE and Earth Day
Also, take a look at the items under the section titled “Items from Outside Agencies”.
If you have questions about the specific items, please see the contact information for each item.
Items from KDE
KDE chief of staff named
On July 1, Thomas G. “Tommy” Floyd will assume the newly created position of chief of staff at the Kentucky Department of Education. Floyd is currently the superintendent of the Madison Co. Schools.
Commissioner Terry Holliday said the position is needed due to the large number of initiatives the department is implementing related to Senate Bill 1 (2009), and the state’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility waiver and the “increasing need to collaborate and coordinate with our stakeholders and partner groups.”
Floyd has served as the superintendent of the Madison Co. Schools since March 2008 after being interim superintendent and chief academic officer. Prior to Madison Co., Floyd worked in the Wayne Co. and Montgomery Co Schools, Somerset Independent Schools, and at the Kentucky Department of Education, where he was a Highly Skilled Educator. Over the past 30 years, Floyd has been a teacher, a coach, an assistant principal, a principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent.
Floyd holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and master’s degree in Biology Education from Georgetown College, principal and superintendent certifications from Eastern Kentucky University and will be awarded a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northern Kentucky University in May.
Floyd is married to Cecilia Floyd, a teacher in the Rockcastle County School District. They have two children – Morgan, a senior at Georgetown College; and Jonathan, a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University.
Deadline for District of Innovation applications
The deadline to submit applications for District of Innovation status is 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Applications may be submitted by mail to Jocelyn Mills, Kentucky Department of Education, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY  40601 or electronically to jocelyn.mills@education.ky.gov. If you submit the application electronically, please be sure to include scanned versions of any necessary signatures in your submission.  It is highly recommended that you send the application as a PDF file.  
Applications will be reviewed during the month of May by a cross agency team composed of KDE, EPSB and external partner staff.  Those districts chosen as Districts of Innovation will be notified the last week of May in order to ensure staff from the district can attend the Kentucky Board of Education meeting on June 5, 2013, where the recommendations will be presented.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jocelyn Mills at 502-564-4201 or jocelyn.mills@education.ky.gov.
Competency-based Education Survey to be completed by Principals
In May 2012, the Kentucky Department of Education received a technical assistance grant from the National Governor’s Association to explore educational policies and practices related to credit-based competency learning opportunities in Kentucky.  Competency implies the ability to analyze and synthesize information and transfer learning from one subject to another.  By contrast, traditional “sit-and-get” learning often leads to a focus on memorization and recall, rather than measuring higher order thinking skills.  Competency-based education favors a structure that creates flexibility and allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content without regard to time, place or pace of learning. Competency-based strategies include online and blended learning, project-based and community-based learning, apprenticeships, after-school and summer school programs emphasizing application of knowledge and skills, etc.  This type of learning leads to better student engagement because the content is relevant to each student and tailored to their unique needs.  It also leads to better student outcomes because the pace of learning is customized to each student.
Several districts have implemented (or will implement) competency-based courses or systems in their schools, or in some cases district-wide.  In an effort to develop a comprehensive list of competency-based programs in Kentucky schools, we are asking each elementary, middle and high school principal to complete a survey about their programs. The information gathered from this detailed survey will help KDE identify where additional resources and training may be needed as well as provide models for districts interested in pursuing the competency-based pathway model.  In addition to this information, KDE will select a sample of schools to conduct site visits this spring.
Please follow the link below to access the survey.  As noted above, we would like to collect information from each elementary, middle, and high school through the principal.  Principals, please complete the first part of the survey even if you do not currently offer a competency-based course.
For more information, please contact Pat Trotter at pat.trotter@education.ky.gov.
Capital Funds Request (CFR)
Districts requesting to use capital funds for operating expenditures must submit a Capital Funds Request (CFR) and any associated BG-1s to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and receive approval from KDE prior to fund transfers. CFRs and their associated BG-1s for FY2013 must be received by KDE on or before May 30, 2013, for consideration. KDE needs sufficient time to process and approve all CFRs prior to the end of the fiscal year so districts can accurately report those funds on the financial statements.  Any CFR not approved by June 30, 2013 cannot be shown in the general fund on the FY2013 financial statements.  Please be mindful of your local board of education meeting dates as you consider submitting a FY2013 CFR and any associated BG-1.  Any CFRs received by KDE after the deadline date will not be considered for the FY2013 CFR approval.
Approval of a CFR does not commit the district to make the transfer to the general fund for operating expenditures.  However, the district will not have the flexibility to do so unless a CFR is submitted prior to May 30.
To avoid a CFR processing delay, please ensure that all required supporting documents are submitted with the completed CFR by e-mail to KDE, Division of District Support, Denise Hartsfield at denise.hartsfield@education.ky.gov. This includes a copy of e-mail approval from the SFCC in cases where districts are requesting to use Escrowed SFCC-Current fund money.  If all required supporting documents are not submitted by May 30, KDE may not be able to approve the request by the June 30 cutoff date and the funds cannot be transferred to the general fund.
KDE will process FY2014 CFRs after July 1, 2013.
The blank CFR form, instructions and guidelines are located at the following KDE webpage link:  http://education.ky.gov/districts/FinRept/Pages/Capital-Funds-Request.aspx. Please forward CFR questions to Pari Ziebart at pari.ziebart@education.ky.gov or (502) 564-3846.
Food that’s in when school is out (Attachment)
As the school year winds down, KDE is working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Education (USED) to ensure none of your students, who rely on school meals, go hungry during the summer break. Please see the attached letter from Secretaries Vislack and Duncan concerning the USDA Summer Meals Programs that are available and please consider what your school or district can do to ensure your students get nutritious meals this summer.
For additional information, please e-mail kdesumme@education.ky.gov.
Mathematics professional learning opportunity
The Kentucky Department of Education is excited to offer professional learning opportunities for Kentucky K-8 mathematics teachers. Join math teachers from across the state in an interactive learning experience focusing on Number Sense and Algebraic Thinking in grades K-2, Conceptual Understanding of Fractions in Grades 3-6 and Understanding Ratios and Proportional Relationships in grades 6-8. During this six-hour online learning experience, teachers will be engaged with research-based strategies and rich mathematical tasks. Dates, times and registration information for each session are available through the links above.
If you have further questions related to these professional learning opportunities, please e-mail Krista Hall at Krista.hall2@education.ky.gov.
Equine Youth Festival winners
Judges have determined the winners from the Equine Youth Festival art and essay contests.

They are:
2013 Kentucky Equine Youth Festival Art Contest Winners
Elementary School
1st Place         Virginia Walsh, Concord Elementary
2nd Place        Madelyn Taylor, Mason Co. Intermediate School (Mason Co.)
3rd Place         Jessica Mukhopadhyay, Picadome Elementary (FayetteCo.)
                     Middle School
1st Place         Emily Adams, Russell Middle School
2nd Place        Sydney Hudson, Corbin Middle School
3rd Place         Kimmy Birrer, Mary Queen of Heaven Elementary School (private school)
                     High School
1st Place         Bobbie Jones, Jones Independent Baptist Academy (private school)
2nd Place        Kylie Sharp, Villa Madonna Academy (private school)
3rd Place         Emma Goble, Atherton High School (Jefferson Co.)
2013 Kentucky Equine Youth Festival Essay Contest Winners
Elementary School
1st Place          Vivian Sandifer, 5th Grade, Russell McDowell Intermediate School
2nd Place         Brianna Taylor, 5th Grade, Mason County Intermediate School
3rd Place          Kaytlan Kemp, 3rd Grade, Bend Gate Elementary
                      Middle School
1st Place          Anna Lauren Jacobs, 7th Grade, Science Hill School
2nd Place         Maria E. Hyrcza, 8th Grade, Saint Augustine Elementary School
3rd Place          Katelyn Thomason, 8th Grade, Hopkinsville Middle School
                      High School
1st Place          Helen Lee, 11th Grade, Henry Clay High School
2nd Place         Julia Scott, 11th Grade, Hart County High School
3rd Place          No 3rd place awarded
Please contact Brigette Stacy at Brigette.stacy@education.ky.gov if you have any questions.
Kentucky Teacher - An early start to college/career-readiness, CPE and Earth Day
Kentucky Teacher, the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) award-winning online publication, is the place to go to stay abreast of what is happening in Kentucky’s public schools. Kentucky Teacher includes education news, feature articles that highlight successful classroom practice, helpful resources and more.
Here’s a look at what’s coming in Kentucky Teacher the week of April 29:
• It is never too early to begin talking to students about college and careers. Just ask the Gallatin County school district, which extends its college- and career-readiness efforts all the way to the elementary school level. Read about their efforts, and how it has contributed to the district exceeding its college- and career-readiness target the past two years. 
• The Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) is one of KDE’s closest partners. Check out what CPE President Robert King has to say about that relationship, and how CPE is involved with improving college- and career-readiness and re-designing teacher preparation in Kentucky.
• KDE photographer Amy Wallot joins in the Earth Day spirit with Kentucky students at the Statehouse.
Make sure you don’t miss anything in Kentucky Teacher by signing up to receive e-mail updates whenever new stories or features are added. Rest assured, we won’t share your e-mail address.
We want to hear from you too, so send your comments, feedback or story suggestions to us at kyteacher@education.ky.gov or post your comments online.
Kentucky Teacher is produced by KDE’s Division of Communications.
Items from Outside Agencies
PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion of items in this section does not constitute endorsement by the Kentucky Department of Education or the Commissioner of Education.
Education Matters focuses on school readiness
The season finale of KET’s Education Matters will focus on early childhood learning and kindergarten readiness. Host Bill Goodman and guests explore the Brigance Kindergarten Screen and take a look at how preschools, parents, and informal learning experiences can help young children arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed and thrive. “Kindergarten Readiness,” will air Monday evening, May 6 and then will stream on the KET website — www.ket.org/educationmatters — or on iTunes U!
Suicide Prevention Training
The Regional Prevention Centers and the Kentucky Department of Behavioral Health are sponsoring a series of two-day trainings this summer to equip schools to provide the mandated two hours of suicide prevention trainings for their staffs.
The trainings are free, are appropriate for guidance counselors or teachers who will coordinate suicide prevention efforts in their schools, FRYSC staff, prevention specialists and health educators, and will provide EILA hours. After attending, participants will be equipped to provide the two-hour mandated staff training required each school year for all administrators, guidance counselors and teachers as well as provide assistance on the coordination of delivery of mandated suicide prevention information to all middle and high school students in the state by the Sept. 1 deadline. These trainings will replace, except in rare situations, the delivery of the school trainings by state Division of Behavioral Health staff.
There are currently 10 trainings scheduled across the state. Additional trainings are being added in the Maysville, London, Hazard, and Bowling Green regions. Staff can attend their regional trainings or may opt for a training in a different region if the date is more convenient.
Currently scheduled trainings include:
• May 30-31 – Prestonsburg
• June 3-4 – Elizabethtown
• June 5-6 – Hopkinsville
• June 17-18 – Somerset
• June 19-20 – Louisville
• June 25-26 – Owensboro
• June 27-28 – Florence
• July 11-12 – Paducah
• July 29-30 – Ashland
• July 31-Aug. 1 –Lexington
Online registration for all trainings is available: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KYSuicidePreventionSchoolCertificationPD4T. If you have any questions, contact Lanette Whalen at lanettedwhalen@gmail.com or Patti Clark at patti.clark@ky.gov.
KASC Summer Academies
The Kentucky Association of School Councils 2013 Regional Summer Academies offer teachers and school leaders a chance to focus on assessment, higher level thinking and learning strategies to reach all students, and innovation. Three academies are being offered on various dates and at locations across the state: 
Higher Level Multiple Choice (Available for PD Credit)
Learn more about high-level multiple-choice questions, so you will be able to judge the quality of questions from other sources and/or develop your own questions. During this 3-hour session we will:
  • Review models of high-level questions
  • Provide specific examples of ways to raise the level and quality of existing questions

Since multiple-choice questions make up the largest part of student assessments, it is especially important to keep those questions at the highest-level possible!

Closing the Gap for All Students (Available for PD Credit)
The research is overwhelming, all students can learn at higher levels.
In this session you will learn:

  • Why that’s true and how to help students believe in themselves
  • Specific strategies for keeping student thinking at high levels through discussion and questioning as well as through classroom work and assessment
  • Additional research-based strategies for reaching and teaching all students and closing the gap
Strategic Approaches to Success and Understanding Innovation  (SBDM Credit available for experienced council members, pending KDE approval, PD Credit also available)
In our next level of Assessment & Accountability we help participants look more deeply into
the state testing system including:
  • the adjustments to the system
  • specific ideas of how to strategically approach state testing and student learning by teaching standards so students can learn
  • teaching kids how to learn (it’s not just talent)
  • thinking about innovation in your schools and districts
For a schedule and locations of the academies click here. To register for any of the academies, download a registration form and return by fax: (859) 238-0806. For more information e-mail KASC.
Mobile App workshop
Northern Kentucky University (NKU) will offer a FREE workshop, "Mobile App Development with Google App Inventor", for high school teachers from June 5 to June 7 at NKU. The workshop is sponsored by Google. Attendees will learn how to develop mobile apps for Android devices through lectures and hands-on lab exercises using Android tablet. Attendees do not need any programming experience. Snacks and refreshments will be provided during the workshop!  For details on the workshop, please visit http://www.nku.edu/~haow1/cs4hs/. Please contact Dr. Wei Hao at haow1@nku.edu with any questions.
Summer workshop opportunities
The University of Kentucky and the Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER) will host several workshops this summer.
Get Ready! Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards
Infusing the Practices into Units of Study and Integrating Engineering into Units of Study -- Two sessions this summer will assist teachers with implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the fall. Participants will leave sessions with an understanding of the progressions for each practice, how to develop scientific explanations and engineering design solutions, an understanding of the two engineering core ideas, and methods for effectively integrating the practices and engineering into science units of study.
Action Research Project: Understanding Formative Assessment will be presented by author and assessment expert Shirley Clarke, University of London, as a limited time opportunity. This project will form a learning team of teachers as action researchers, engaging in establishing a learning culture, involving students in planning, sharing learning objectives, student generated success criteria, talk partners, effective questioning and effective feedback. Principals should select teams of two teacher volunteers from any content area interested in formative assessment and committed to making changes to their practice.
Engaging Students Using Participation Techniques is for teachers and coaches in any grade level and content area. This two-day session will showcase strategies that increase student engagement and promote critical thinking skills. Topics include how to explain the relationship between engagement and cognitive load, analyze a lesson to determine the degree of cognitive engagement of students, and integrate techniques into daily lesson plans and unit plans that result in cognitive engagement of all students.
More information and registration for all three opportunities can be found at www.uky.edu/p12mathscience.
Community Policing Development Grants available
The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is accepting applications for funding for the COPS FY2013 Community Policing Development Program. Community Policing Development (CPD) funds are used to advance the practice of community policing in law enforcement agencies through training and technical assistance, the development of innovative community policing strategies, applied research, guidebooks, and best practices that are national in scope. The CPD program is open to all public governmental agencies, profit and non-profit institutions, universities, community groups, and faith-based organizations. Applications must be submitted via the COPS Office Online Application System by 5 p.m. ET, on May 24 to be considered for FY 2013 CPD funding Click here for the COPS Online Application Information.  For a sample Kentucky MOA/MOU click here.
Coin design competition for students
Parents, guardians, and teachers, the United States Mint is inviting young people through age 13 to unleash their inner artist talents by creating a coin design that captures the theme “What’s Great About Baseball.” Please encourage them to be a part of this historic competition.
Children and students have an opportunity to become a part of a historic competition designed to connect America through coins and the mutual celebration of our national pastime, baseball. Children ages five and under, six to ten, and eleven to thirteen are encouraged to enter. The competition runs through May 23.  For more details about the competition, visit http://kidsbatterup.challenge.gov/.
Highway Safety newsletter
The latest edition of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety newsletter, the KOHS Voice is now available here.