February 10 2014

Published: 2/20/2015 11:04 AM

​As part of our effort to streamline communications and cut down on the number of e-mails you receive, here is a Monday E-mail that combines several items into one communication.

Please read the Monday E-mail as it contains information about the following KDE-related items:
• Survey Options for 2014 ACT Test Administration – Urgent! Need survey completed by each district by COB Wednesday, February 12!
• ‘Book-mob’ Common Core Learning Event
• Challenges Facing Military Children and Support Resources (Attachment)
• Declaration of Participation for FY 2015
Kentucky Teacher – Gifted education, new teacher advice coming this week
Also, take a look at the items under the section titled “Items from Outside Agencies”.
If you have questions about the specific items, please see the contact information for each item.
Items from KDE
Survey Options for 2014 ACT Test Administration
District Assessment Coordinators will be receiving a survey tomorrow, February 11, from Loretta Johnson-Harvey, requesting assistance in providing options for the 2014 ACT Test Administration. Due to the severe weather in Kentucky this winter, KDE is working with ACT, Inc. on options for the 2014 ACT Test Administration. In order to plan appropriately, information is needed from each district.
Please be sure this survey is completed by COB Wednesday, February 12.

‘Book-mob’ Common Core Learning Event
The Kentucky Department of Education invites every educator in the state to join Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs for a book-mob, a four-week online study (Feb. 20-March 19) of Dr. Jacobs’ Mapping to the Core LumiBook (eBook).  This is an unprecedented opportunity to access free Common Core guidance from the most renowned experts on the subject and is available to all Kentucky educators through CITTS. During the event, educators will read Mapping to the Core, going online to discuss what they’ve learned and to receive feedback and insights from Dr. Jacobs and her co-authors, Dr. Ann Johnson, Dr. Debbie Sullivan, and Dr. Marie Alcock.
KDE has organized this event especially around the needs and challenges of Kentucky educators.
Every Kentucky attendee will have the opportunity to:
• Interact with Dr. Jacobs and her team to see how they are solving implementation challenges around the US
• Network and get ideas and best practices for Common Core implementation from teachers and leaders all over the US
• Get resources for Common Core implementation that can be used immediately in classrooms and front offices
The Mapping to the Core book mob begins on February 20 and continues every day until March 19, 2014. The entire event is being held online and available through your Mapping to the Core LumiBook. To sign up for the Mapping to the Core book mob, visit http://www.schoolimprovement.com/lumibook-mob-ky/. Contact Jackie Rogers with any questions at Jackie.rogers@education.ky.gov or 502-564-4970 (extension 4522).

Challenges Facing Military Children and Support Resources (Attachment)
Attached is a letter from Kentucky’s Adjutant General, Major General Edward. W. Tonini, that I have been asked to forward to you about the challenges facing the Commonwealth’s military children and the many resources available to support them. Many schools in Kentucky are currently educating one or more military children who have faced or could face the deployment of a parent or sibling. The direct impact on the student occurs before, during and for quite some time after the deployment. There are many comprehensive programs and support networks that provide free services and referrals to support the social, emotional and academic needs of military families. Please save this letter, and distribute it to your administrative and student services staff.

Declaration of Participation for FY 2015
It is time for the Declaration of Participation Report to be completed by your district in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.  This report is used to identify the number of students enrolled in area private non-profit and home schools.  Federal programs participating in the Declaration of Participation are Title IIA - Teacher Quality, and IDEA-B - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (including ARRA funding).
In addition to the programs listed above, we have designed a separate form for the Title III - Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Immigrant Students program.  This form will be used to identify the number of Limited English Proficient students and the number of Immigrant students enrolled in area private non-profit and home schools. 

Section A of the Title III - Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Immigrant Students form is the only
collection tool being used to denote your district’s intent to participate in Title III - Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Immigrant Students program either directly or in a consortium.
You are asked to list all private non-profit schools and all home schools that are physically located in your school district’s geographic boundaries, not just those participating.  Include memberships of all private schools and all home schools, regardless of whether they will participate or are eligible to participate in the above programs in 2014-2015.  A grand total of the participants in each program are also required.  Do not include private schools or home schools located outside your district's boundaries that are required to be contacted for Title I services.  Because participating private school and home school membership data directly impacts the per pupil dollar amount allocated to the public school districts for Title III-LEP, and IDEA-B, it is critical that these totals be accurate. Public school membership information is already on file in the Kentucky Department of Education (per School Data Forms) and should not be included. 
According to federal law, only private schools having an official non-profit status are eligible to receive services under Title IIA, Title III-LEP, and IDEA-B.  Beginning with school year 2001-2002 and following, any private school wishing to participate in such programs must have filed Articles of Incorporation with the office of the Kentucky Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation under KRS 273 or have received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) granting them 501 (c) (3) status as a non-profit corporation (Home schools, by their nature, are considered non-profit.).  A signed assurance statement, verifying an official non-profit status, must be filed with the respective local educational agency (LEA) for each private school or home school wishing to participate in Title IIA, Title III-LEP, or IDEA-B.  (See the non-profit compliance statement on the Private, Non-profit (PNP) School Declaration of Participation for Title IIA, and IDEA-B form located on the website.  Of the three compliance statements, a school official must have checked “no” for the first two and “yes” for the third in order to participate in any of the programs.  Just checking the program in which the school wishes to participate does not make the school eligible to participate.) 
The signed individual Private, Non-profit (PNP) Schools and Home Schools Declaration of Participation for Title IIA, and IDEA-B forms and the Private, Non-profit (PNP) Schools and Home Schools Declaration of Participation for Title III-LEP forms are to be retained at your district office rather than copied and submitted to the Kentucky Department of Education.  Documentation that you have corresponded with private schools and home schools, physically located in your school district’s geographic boundaries, to offer them the opportunity to participate must be kept on file locally.  (Please copy the Private, Non-profit (PNP) School Declaration of Participation for Title IIA, and IDEA-B form and the Private, Non-profit (PNP) Schools and Home Schools Declaration of Participation for Title III-LEP forms as needed.)
We have made available the Non-Regulatory Guidance for Equitable Services to Eligible Private School Students, Teachers, and Other Educational Personnel under Title IX, Part E, Subpart 1-Private Schools.  This guidance is intended to assist local educational agencies and other entities in fulfilling their obligations, under Title IX, Part E, Subpart 1 of ESEA, to provide equitable services to eligible private school students, teachers, and other educational personnel, and under some programs, to parents.  This guidance does not impose any requirements beyond those in the law.  It is our hope that this guidance will be helpful to districts in meeting their obligation to Private Schools.  Your district is urged to print this document and share with all Federal Program coordinators, and the Private School contacts.
By April 1, 2014, please return both completed Declaration of Participation Report forms indicating the public LEA’s intentions and summarizing the private and home schools’ Declarations of Participation forms to:  martha.johnson@education.ky.us.
If you have additional questions please contact either Tracy Billingsley (Title IIA 502-564-1979, ext. 4344), Judy Howard (Title III-LEP 502-564-1979, ext. 4322), or Chris Thacker (IDEA-B 502-564-4970, ext. 4116). 
You may obtain all the forms at http://education.ky.gov/districts/fin/Pages/Additional-Federal-Grant-Information.aspx:
1. Declaration of Participation Report for Title IIA, and IDEA-B (to be completed by district and returned to KDE)
2. Private Non-Profit/Home Schools Participation assurance Form (to be completed by Private Non-Profit/Home School and retained at district)
3. Instruction sheet for FY14 Declaration of Participation Form
4. Declaration of Participation Report for Title III-LEP/Immigrant (to be completed by district and returned to KDE)
5. LEP Private Non-Profit/Home Schools Participation Assurance Form (to be completed by Private Non-Profit/Home School and retained at district)
6. Instruction Sheet for the LEP Declaration Form
7. Immigrant and LEP Definitions
8. Title IX Part E Subpart 1 - Private Schools, Non-Regulatory Guidance - Equitable Services to Eligible Private School Students, Teachers, and Other Educational Personnel.
Kentucky Teacher - Gifted education, new teacher advice coming this week
Kentucky Teacher, the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) award-winning online publication, is the place to go to stay abreast of what is happening in Kentucky’s public schools. Kentucky Teacher includes education news, feature articles that highlight successful classroom practice, helpful resources and more.
Here’s a look at what’s coming in Kentucky Teacher the week of Feb. 10:
• This week is Gifted and Talented Week in Kentucky. Find out how school districts are reinventing their programs to ensure students are receiving the instruction they need.
• Commissioner Holliday will comment on new federal discipline guidelines.
• It’s the time of year when student teachers enter Kentucky classrooms. Kentucky High School Teacher Joanna Stevens offers some sage advice to young teachers as they learn the ropes of the teaching profession.
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We want to hear from you too, so send your comments, feedback or story suggestions to us at kentuckyteacher@education.ky.gov or post your comments online.
Kentucky Teacher is produced by KDE’s Division of Communications.

Items from Outside Agencies
PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion of items in this section does not constitute endorsement by the Kentucky Department of Education or the Commissioner of Education.

S.T.O.P.! (Safety Tipline, Online Prevention) Training
The Kentucky Center for School Safety is offering a free training for school districts wanting to add another component to their existing bullying prevention programs on Wednesday, Feb. 19 from 12:30-3 p.m. EST at the Best Western Hotel in Frankfort.
S.T.O.P Tipline is an online reporting of bullying, violence, risky behavior, etc. that students, staff or community members can use to send tips to school officials using technology. The S.T.O.P.
Tipline program is also provided “Free” to Kentucky School Districts.  Training will include:
• Steps on how to implement the program in your school district
• Directions on proper documentation to receive the S.T.O.P. Tipline
To register online for this training go to www.kysafeschools.org or link to the KCSS calendar.

Leader in Me Symposium
A Leader in Me Symposium is being held March 4-5 in Bowling Green, KY.  Participants will see firsthand how two Kentucky schools are using Leader in Me to empower their students and infuse leadership into the culture and curriculum of each campus.  Students in the Leader in Me process are learning the skills absolutely essential to successful and meaningful lives – among them initiative, responsibility, communication, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.  As a result, their schools see more student, parent, and teacher engagement, higher academic achievement, and reduced discipline referrals.
As part of the symposium, participants will visit schools on March 4 with significant time to learn from students and teachers about the transformative power of this initiative. In the Practitioner Sessions, participants will learn from educators who are working with students to develop them as leaders, set goals, become accountable, and unleash their full potential.  Presentations from nationally renowned speakers, such as Lisa Fenn and Daniel Pink, will round out this in-depth exploration of leadership development.
Registration for the two-day event is open.  The fee for the two-day event is $295.

Science Teacher Professional Development Opportunities
The Partnership Institute for Math and Science Education Reform (PIMSER) at the University of Kentucky College of Education is offering several summer learning opportunities for teachers.
Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Short Courses for Teachers
One-day short courses will be held for elementary, middle, and high school teachers focused on strengthening content understanding, developing and using models, and using mathematics and computational thinking. Teachers will leave with a deeper understanding of the NGSS, both content and practices, along with sample activities that can be used with students.

      Date                                     Topic                                               Grade Levels
      June 16                                 Light                                                1 and 4
      June 23                                 Force and Motion                               K and 3
      June 30                                 Properties of Matter                           2 and 5
      July 21                                  Developing and Using Models              6 through 8
      July 25                                  Using Mathematics and                       9 through 12
                                                      and Computational Thinking 

The cost is $125 per session. Complete details on each course are available here:  http://www.rsvpbook.com/ngssshortcourses.

Engineering Teaching Kit Training for Middle School Teachers
• April 10 – 7th Grade Teachers: Save the Black Footed Ferrets
• April 11 – 8th Grade Teachers: Save the Seabirds
Teachers will experience a research-based engineering teaching kit (ETK) that is tightly aligned to science content standards for that grade level. They will leave with a deeper understanding of the science content being addressed, an understanding of how engineering design is used to promote science content understanding, critical considerations for developing integrated units for other standards, and a copy of the curricular materials. The cost is $100 per session. Complete details on each session can be found here: http://www.rsvpbook.com/etkspring2014

Old Fort Harrod State Park Learning Opportunities (Attachments)
The mission of Old Fort Harrod State Park is to inspire students of all ages and to challenge their understanding of history!  Teachers looking for an affordable, fun, yet very educational field trip for your students may want to consider Old Fort Harrod State Park, which offers students the opportunity to learn by experiencing the frontier with knowledgeable interpreters and engaging students with hands-on activities and conversations.
Please review the attached flyers (Fort Harrod School Flyer) (Invite to Sring Play 2014) and feel free to contact David Coleman at Old Fort Harrod State Park, (859) 734-3314, with any questions.

Nominations Sought for Governor’s Volunteer Awards
Nominations are now being accepted for the annual Governor’s Awards for Volunteerism and Service, honoring service completed in 2013.
This is the 19th year for the annual volunteer awards, which recognize the contributions of Kentuckians to their fellow citizens. The Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service (KCCVS), an agency of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, hosts a special ceremony each year to publicly honor the winners and others who have given back to their communities through volunteering and service.
Nominations for most awards must focus on service activities completed in Kentucky during 2013. Individuals and groups may be nominated in only one category. Self-nominations are accepted.
This year a new category was added to honor a veteran who has met a community need beyond military service. Award winners from the previous five years are ineligible for the 2013 awards. An independent panel of judges reviews and scores nominations using the assigned judging work sheet.
Electronic submission is encouraged. Find nomination forms, category criteria and more information online at the KCCVS website, http://chfs.ky.gov/dfrcvs/kccvs/govawards.htm or contact Shannon Ramsey at (800) 239-7404, ext. 3841. The award nomination deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 26.

KySTE Early Bird Registration Extended
Due to the inclement weather days, Early Bird pricing for the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education Conference (KySTE) has been extended until February 15.
Register today for KySTE 2014. This year’s conference theme is “Redefining Horizons: Moving Learning Forward.”

KY Kids Recovery Grant Program
The Office of the Attorney General is now accepting applications for the KY Kids Recovery Grant program!  To view the press release visit http://1.usa.gov/1c0KSWD.
There is $19 million available in grants to help fund comprehensive juvenile substance abuse treatment programs, both expanding treatment beds at existing facilities and creating new juvenile treatment programs with the full continuum of care, including intensive outpatient and follow-up care centers.  Submissions for grants are currently being accepted now through March 31st.   Applications from community partnerships, existing providers, new providers and non-profit organizations will be accepted. 
The money is being made available through two settlements totalling $32 million that the Office of the Attorney General secured from pharmaceutical companies.  The court orders require that the money be spent on expanding substance abuse treatment in Kentucky.
The grant program is being administered by the Substance Abuse Treatment Advisory Committee, which Gov. Steve Beshear created by executive order. 
To download the Request for Information, visit http://goo.gl/q7Q4wM.
There is a vendor fair being held on February 18, 2014 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., in the Kentucky Capitol Annex Room 171 in Frankfort. 
To learn more about the grant program visit www.ag.ky.gov/kykidsrecovery.
For questions, please contact Daniel Kemp, Deputy Communications Director, Office of the Attorney General, at 502-696-5659