October 21 2013

Published: 2/20/2015 10:19 AM
​​ As part of our effort to streamline communications and cut down on the number of e-mails you receive, here is a Monday E-Mail that combines several items into one communication.
Please read the Monday E-mail as it contains information about the following KDE-related items:
• Kentucky Employees Health Plan (KEHP) 2014 Information
• Affordable Care Act – Training Opportunity
• Data on Home School Students (Attachment)
• Kentucky Teacher - Teachers of the Year, School strategies for student success
Also, take a look at the items under the section titled “Items from Outside Agencies”.
If you have questions about the specific items, please see the contact information for each item.
Items from KDE
Kentucky Employees Health Plan (KEHP) 2014 Information
The state Personnel Cabinet has several archived KEHP webinars available on its website, which explain the health and wellness benefits of the Kentucky Employees Health Plan for 2014 in great detail. This information may be of interest to many school district employees and is located at: https://personnel.ky.gov/Pages/KEHP-OE-Webinars.aspx

Affordable Care Act – Training Opportunity
KDE will be presenting a live webinar regarding the Affordable Care Act Implementation Guide for Kentucky School Districts.  The webinar will begin at 10:00 am (EST) on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 and is scheduled to run until 11:30 am (EST).  Susan Barkley and Melissa Sullivan of KDE will discuss the Implementation Guide allowing plenty of time for questions to be received via e-mail during the broadcast.  Use this link to join the webinar:   mms://video1.education.ky.gov/encoder3a.
The Implementation Guide and other ACA resources are available on the KDE website at http://education.ky.gov/districts/FinRept/Pages/Health-and-Life-Insurance-Benefits-and-Flexible-Spending-Accounts.aspx.
Questions regarding ACA may be directed to Melissa Sullivan at Melissa.Sullivan@education.ky.gov, 502-564-3846 extension 4415 or Susan Barkley at Susan.Barkley@education.ky.gov, 502-564-3930 extension 4437.
Data on Home School Students (Attachment)
The Kentucky Board of Education and the Interim Joint Committee on Education both showed interest in the number of students moving from public schools to home schools. As a reminder, in Kentucky a home school is categorized as a private school. Home schools do have to: (1) register with the local school district, (2) maintain records of attendance and academic progress, (3) cooperate if there is an inquiry into attendance by the local school district Director of Pupil Personnel, and (4) teach at a minimum reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, grammar, history and civics. A link to the KDE site that contains guidance for home school education is: http://education.ky.gov/federal/fed/Pages/Home-School.aspx.
A spreadsheet showing the number of students moving to home schools over a five- year period is provided as an attachment. Home school students are coded and referred to as W20 students. The spreadsheet shows data for individual districts with state totals at the bottom.
Highlights of some numbers pulled from the data are:
• During a five-year period, from 2009-2013, 18,607 students were coded as W20.
• The average withdrawal percentage rate to home school was .8 in 2009 and .8 in 2013.
• The range of the withdrawal percentage rate to home school was from 0 to 3.8.
• The two largest districts in the state (Jefferson and Fayette Counties) account for 590 of the 18,607 students or 3% of the total.
• 36 of 173 districts account for 50% of the total W20 withdrawals from 2009-2013.
• Of the 18,607 W20 students, 12,564 (68%) were coded as students receiving free/reduced lunch.
Kentucky Teacher - Teachers of the Year, School strategies for student success
Kentucky Teacher, the Kentucky Department of Education’s (KDE’s) award-winning online publication, is the place to go to stay abreast of what is happening in Kentucky’s public schools. Kentucky Teacher includes education news, feature articles that highlight successful classroom practice, helpful resources and more.
Here’s a look at what’s coming in Kentucky Teacher the week of Oct. 21:
• You may know the names of the 2014 Teachers of the Year, but what sets these three teachers apart? Read this week’s Kentucky Teacher to learn more about this year’s recipients.
• Check in with some of the schools that made great gains on the Unbridled Learning assessment and accountability system, and find out what strategies they say helped them increase student achievement. 
• Don’t forget to check out the most recent Photo Blog, featuring a guest photographer and some pretty neat hands-on career experience for students.
Make sure you don’t miss anything in Kentucky Teacher by signing up to receive e-mail updates whenever new stories or features are added. Rest assured, we won’t share your e-mail address.
We want to hear from you too, so send your comments, feedback or story suggestions to us at kyteacher@education.ky.gov or post your comments online.
Kentucky Teacher is produced by KDE’s Division of Communications.

Items from Outside Agencies
PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion of items in this section does not constitute endorsement by the Kentucky Department of Education or the Commissioner of Education.

Free Online Poll Measures: Hope, Engagement and Student Well-Being
The Gallup Student Poll is a free, online and confidential resource provided for schools and districts. The poll will be open Tuesday – Friday, now through November 1. The Gallup Student Poll focuses on three areas: hope, engagement and well-being. These variables are proven indicators of success with links to: grades, achievement scores, retention and future employment.
Gallup aggregates and analyzes the results within two to three weeks of the close of the poll. Every participating school and district receives a score card.
The poll takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is for students in grades 5-12. The poll is available in English or Spanish.
If districts or schools have previously registered an account, the primary administrative user may log in and select the field period to administer the survey. If districts or schools are participating for the first time, instructions on how to register and administer the survey may be found at www.gallupstudentpoll.com.

Book Fair Travel Grant Deadline Extended (Attachment)
The deadline to apply for a travel grant to Children’s Day at the Kentucky Book Fair has been extended to Thursday, October 31. The link to the application is at: http://kybookfair.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-kentucky-book-fair-inc.html.  This year Children’s Day, will be held on Friday, November 15th. See attached flyer for more information.

KYSTE Call for Presenters Deadline Extended
KySTE 2014, the conference of the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education, is still looking for presenters. The conference theme is “Redefining Horizons: Moving Learning Forward.”
Sessions should fit technical, instructional, leadership, or library/media session strands, and be appropriate for introductory, intermediate, or advanced level audiences.
Conference sessions are 60 minutes in length, leveraging presentation spaces, computer labs (limited availability), "intelligent classrooms" (interactive white boards/"clickers"/etc.), or "bring your own device" (laptops/tablets/smart phones/etc., supplied by attendees).
See the KySTE 2014 information page for more. Use this form to apply (hosted by KySTE conference management partner Total Meeting Concepts). The new deadline to apply is November 1.

Using music to teach mathematics grants for grades PreK–2
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is offering grants for Grades PreK-2 for Using Music to Teach Mathematics.  With this grant, teachers will encourage the incorporation of music into the elementary school classroom to help young students learn mathematics. Grants of $3,000 will be awarded to those currently teaching mathematics in grades PreK–2. This award is for individual classroom teachers or small groups of teachers collaborating in one grade or across grade levels. Proposals must address the combining of mathematics and music, the plan for improving students’ learning of mathematics, and the anticipated impact on students’ achievement. The applicant must be a current NCTM member or teach in a school with a current NCTM school membership. Deadline: November 8.

Deadline reminder --Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. art and essay contests
The deadline is quickly approaching for students to submit entries for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. art and essay contests.  Entries should be inspired by a Dr. King moment or speech and how it has influenced the student’s thoughts on the theme: Opportunities to Rise: Building Bridges.
• open to all Kentucky school students in grades 4-12
• must be 500 words or less on standard 8-1/2” x 11” white paper with 1” margins, double spaced, and in no creative font (Arial and or/New Times Roman are recommended).
• Videos, films, drawings, etc. will not be accepted.
• All writing entries will be judged on the criteria listed in the Kentucky Writing Scoring Rubric: purpose, awareness of audience, idea development, organization (sentence structure and transitions), language, and correctness.
• First, second and third place winners will be selected in categories for elementary (4th -5th grades), middle and high school. Each winner will receive a plaque for competing in this year’s contest.
• All K-12 students are eligible to participate
• Entries must be accompanied by completed work sample index.
• If the return of the CD or DVD is desired, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope in which the disk will fit.
• All visual art and media entries will be judged on creativity and originality; artwork reflects a unique style or expression; artwork addresses the theme of the contest. The selection will be based solely on the artwork; no written essay is required.
• First, second and third place winners will be selected in two-dimensional and media arts categories for elementary, middle and high school. Each winner will receive a plaque for competing in this year’s contest. Each winner will receive a plaque for competing in this year’s contest.
Entries must include:
• Student’s name, address, and grade level
• Parent’s name and home phone number
• School district, school name, and school telephone number
• Teacher’s name
Deadline: ALL entries must be received (not postmarked) in the Governor’s Office of Minority Empowerment no later than close of business on Friday, November 8, 2013. Students should mail or deliver entries to:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest –2014
700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 138
Frankfort, KY 40601
If you have any questions, please contact the Governor’s Office of Minority Empowerment at 502-564-2611, ext. 370 or www.ome.ky.gov.
The Kentucky Civil Rights Database provided by the Kentucky Historical Society and the Kentucky Oral History Commission may be used as an additional resource.

Historically Black College and University Showcase (Two Attachments)
The Showcase of HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) is a college and career fair and pre-college conference for students in grades 8-12. It will be held on November 15 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville. There will be representatives from Kentucky State University (KSU) and other colleges to engage with students and discuss the admissions process.
The offices of admissions, housing, freshman studies, financial aid, etc. will be there to answer any questions students have. The program consists of five components:
• HBCU Champions Program: designed to prepare students for the college fair.
• Education First Pre-College Conference: offering classes for students and parents.
• College Fair: featuring Kentucky State University and local colleges.
• Career Fair: putting a local face on all major career fields.
• Senior Seminar: a one-on-one opportunity for students to speak with a college representative about their academic profile.
Additionally, The KSU Department of Agriculture will focus on the bountiful career opportunities in the field of agriculture and food sciences, or STEM careers. Their presentation will feature a freshwater pond, livestock, exploratory work stations, and food science as vegetation and/or dairy straight to the dinner table.

For more information, see attached letter and flyer.

Office of Highway Safety Newsletter
The latest edition of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety newsletter – the KOHS Voice is now available at http://transportation.ky.gov/Highway-Safety/Newsletters/KOHS-Voice-OctNov-2013.pdf. Earlier editions can be viewed at http://transportation.ky.gov/highway-safety/pages/voice-newsletter.aspx.