Dawson Springs Independent

Published: 8/24/2015 11:30 AM
Staffing and contact information for the Dawson Springs Independent Schools.
NOTE: To send e-mail to district staff, the e-mail addresses are typically defined as firstname.lastname@district.kyschools.us. For example: The e-mail address for an employee named Daniel Boone would be daniel.boone@dawsonsprings.kyschools.us. The e-mail address for an employee named George Washington would be george.washington@dawsonsprings.kyschools.us.

Dawson Springs Independent Schools
118 E. Arcadia Avenue
Dawson Springs, KY 42408
(270) 797-3811  Fax 797-5201
e-mail: firstname.lastname@dawsonsprings.kyschools.us
Leonard Whalen
Jennifer Ward
Data Point of Contact
Karen Wallace
Director of Curriculum Programs
Jennifer Ward
Director of District Wide Programs
Kristen Crook
District Personnel
Karla Mitchell, Leonard Whalen
Extended School Services
Kevin Stockman
Leonard Whalen
Finance and Business
Jennifer Bruce
Food Service and Nutrition
Ladonna Bennett
Gifted and Talented
Kristen Alexander
Preschool Coordinator
Kristen Alexander
Professional Development
Jennifer Ward
Public Information
Leonard Whalen
Pupil Personnel
Kent Workman
Pupil Transportation
Leonard Whalen
Safe School Coordinator
Kent Workman
School Health
Kristen Alexander
Special Education
Kristen Alexander
Teaching and Learning
Jennifer Ward
Karen Wallace
Jennifer Ward
Board Members
Vicki Allen
307 Cross St., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-9375
Melissa Knight
210 Park Ave., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-5165
Earl Menser
901 E. Walnut St., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-4404
Tracy Overby
186 Elaine Dr., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-2089
Public Schools
Dawson Springs Elementary School
District No. 146 School No. 017 Grades PS-06
Est. Teachers 16   Est. Enrollment 400
Jennifer Ward, Principal
317 Eli St., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-2991
Fax Number (270) 797-5202
Dawson Springs Jr/Sr High School
District No. 146 School No. 020 Grades 07-12
Est. Teachers 24   Est. Enrollment 300
Kevin Stockman, Principal
317 Eli St., Dawson Springs 42408
(270) 797-2957
Fax Number (270) 797-5204 
Melissa Terrell
Office of Guiding Support Services/General Counsel
Division of Communications
500 Mero Street, 6th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2000
Fax (502) 564-3049