Family and Community Involvement

Published: 6/12/2013 2:00 PM
In Kentucky schools, families and communities will be involved in schools. Partnerships among schools, families, community groups, and individuals will be present in all schools. We will share and maximize resources and expertise in addressing the healthy development of children, youth, and their families.

The Kentucky PTA Website is designed with you in mind. We want to provide information that will help you work with children, whether they are your own children or other children you may teach or care for. We have information for parents and families, teachers and students, and all others who care about kids.

KIDS NOW Initiative - In order to reach the goal that all young children in Kentucky are healthy and safe, possess the foundation that will enable school and personal success, and live in strong families that are supported and strengthened within their communities, 25% of Kentucky's Phase I Tobacco Settlement dollars will fund the early childhood initiative.

Cabinet for Health and Family Services – The Goals of CHFS is to provide the finest health care possible, to provide the best preventative services through health programs, to provide the most outstanding service to the families and children of Kentucky, to protect and prevent the abuse of children, elders, and people with disabilities, to build quality programs across-the-board and to make a difference in the lives of 4 million Kentuckians.
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