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Published: 11/19/2014 9:23 AM

This site includes resources for books-on-line, software which reads text, as well as web search engines which teachers can use to integrate the Internet into their classroom and much, much more.


Free eBooks: The Ultimate Guide: Reading books in digital format is widely practiced. The world seems smaller and more connected when we can access literary texts instantly on the web. eBooks and digital publications can be expensive, though. As the library is to ink-and-paper books, these sites are to eBooks. Every site and page listed in this guide offers quality eBooks for absolutely no charge. Some can only be read directly on the site they are posted on, while many others are available to download on your reading device or computer. Enjoy browsing through the many, many selections that have been made available for public enjoyment.

Books to Read on Line: The Internet is wonderful, but it's hardly a bookstore. While there's every sort of information available and you can buy books on-line, you still can't browse through a book before you buy it like you can in a real store. That's a serious drawback. So, We've posted the complete texts, or a significant portion, of the following books. Now you can browse through each of the books listed below as long as you wish so you'll know before you place your order that it's what you really want. Stenhouse Publishing.

Digital Curriculum:
This page includes information on sources for accessing non-copyrighted digital curriculum.

Text Reader: This web site contains information about software that electronically reads aloud digital text.

Universal Learning Center (ULC):
A national consortium created by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) for databank of accessible digital textbooks.
Thinkfinity: This site provides offers teachers a powerful search engine to search throughout all content web sites and other valuable resources for teachers to help them integrate the internet into their classroom. 
WebQuests: This page will contain a searchable database of activities, handouts, syllabi, PowerPoint slides and other documents used in teaching others how to develop and use WebQuests.
Bartleby.Com is an Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse that provides access to books and information on the web.
BookShare.Org has a collection of scanned books in digital format for persons with visual impairments or print challenges.
This is an international and non-profit organization that provides access to digital libraries.

Project Gutenberg
This website provides access to classic books written by Shakespeare, Poe, Dante, as well as well-loved favorites like the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Children’s Literature Web Guide
Internet resources on books for children and young adults are provided on this website.

The Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is a public library for the world wide web. Students from a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science develop and maintain the IPL!

The Online Books Page
The Online Books Page website facilitates access to books that are available on the Internet.

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic provides access to print for users with disabilities. Textbooks and other reading materials are available in digital and audio formats.

TeleRead is a website that provides access to fiction and nonfiction on a wide variety of topics to readers of all ages. Links to additional e-book websites and related information such as copyrights can be located on TeleRead.
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