English/Language Arts

Published: 10/4/2012 2:33 PM

The English/Language Arts content is aligned with Kentucky's academic expectations. Blended together are the strands of reading, writing, speaking, listening, observing, inquiry and using technology as a communications tool.


  • English Language Arts Deconstructed Standards

    The COMPLETE set of deconstructed standards for English Language Arts is now available!


  • Kentucky Writing Resources - Download Page

    The Kentucky Writing Program: Creating a Culture of Feedback and Analysis
    This resource is designed to guide teachers and administrators in developing a system of ongoing feedback and analysis of students’ writing and communication skills.


  • Literacy - Technology Resources

    This site includes resources for books-on-line, software which reads text, as well as web search engines which teachers can use to integrate the Internet into their classroom and much, much more.


  • Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio analysis is a structured examination of a school's writing program, as reflected in the student portfolio collections.


  • The Kentucky Marker Papers (P-12)

    Kentucky Marker Papers: Phase II
    The Kentucky Department of Education has completed an update of Marker Papers development. The Kentucky Marker Papers are instructional samples intended to show competency in writing across the grade levels, subject areas, and categories of writing.


  • The National Writing Project

    Basic Assumptions of the National Writing Project Model
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