Civic Dispositions Mini-Unit

Published: 3/21/2014 10:47 AM
Civic Dispositions Lesson 1

The civic dispositions mini-unit consists of 5 days of instruction and is organized around the question "How can I assist in promoting a vibrant American representative democracy and the common good by practicing and promoting civic dispositions?"

In this mini-unit the students will work together to define and provide examples of civic dispositions and then complete a civic dispositions pre-assessment measuring their understanding, demonstration, and/or advocacy of all of the high school civic dispositions.
Students will also self-assess their ability and that of others to demonstrate civic dispositions and reflect on the results as the mini-unit continues.
Students will complete a choice board assessment to inform the audience about civic dispositions, illustrate ways individuals can demonstrate and advocate civic dispositions, and comment on the possible impact civic dispositions can have on the school and/or society to promote a vibrant democracy.
This lesson should be implemented at the beginning of the school year or semester to introduce civic dispositions to students.
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