Kentucky Social Studies Teacher Network Products

Published: 3/21/2014 11:37 AM
The Kentucky Social Studies Teacher Network (KSSTN), a multi-district partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education, was formed in May 2006 with the goal of creating high school social studies curriculum and assessment materials that would be accessible for all high schools and districts in Kentucky.

​The districts involved in this partnership include Graves County, Marshall County, McCracken County, and Hardin County.

The KSSTN has created “curriculum frameworks” for both a U.S. History course and a World Civilizations course at the high school level. These frameworks were created for the purpose of assisting teachers in the development of units, lessons, assessments and other course materials and activities. Since there are no uniform social studies “courses” in Kentucky (as local curricular decisions create a variety courses, units and content decisions), the KSSTN wanted to develop products that were general enough to be used by any teacher in the state while still including all of the relevant standards that need to be addressed. The result of this work is the curriculum framework design. The curriculum frameworks are presented in a template format to promote efficiency in planning instruction. The template includes all of the course information, unit topic, estimated time of completion, unit organizer, essential questions, relevance of the unit instruction, standards, assessment, key concepts and activities/resources in one simplified format. This format should be helpful in planning instruction, including units, lessons, assessments and other course materials and activities.

U.S. History Curriculum Frameworks 9-08
US History Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.docUS History Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.doc
US History Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.pdfUS History Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.pdf

World Curriculum Frameworks 9-08
World Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.docWorld Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.doc
World Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.pdfWorld Curriculum Frameworks 9-08.pdf

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