Legislative Mandate - Flag Etiquette

Published: 3/21/2014 11:41 AM

The Kentucky General Assembly per KRS 158.175 has required that the Kentucky Department of Education create instructional materials related to the appropriate display of the the flag. This webquest was created for teachers to use in response to that legislative mandate.


The Kentucky General Assembly has mandated that students in all Kentucky learn about U.S. flag etiquette. As your principal began researching this topic, she realized that some elements of flag etiquette are not as applicable to middle school students as others. Therefore, she has asked students at your middle school to develop a Top Ten List of the Most Important etiquette rules for middle school students in their daily life.

  You must go on an information search to learn as much about flag etiquette as you can.
  You will compile a list of rules and customs regarding flag etiquette based on the federal code.
  You or your group must determine what the 10 most important customs or rules of etiquette regarding the U.S. flag are for middle school students to know and use in their daily lives.
  You or your group must be prepared to justify your choices.
  You or your group must choose and prepare a method of presenting your Top Ten List to the other students in your class or school.

"Our Flag." Department of Military Affairs. Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1984.
  Explore the sites and resources listed in the RESOURCES section.
  Working individually or in a group, compile a list of customs and rules regarding the U.S. flag.
  Using criteria, determine which rules are the most important for middle school students to know and use in their daily lives.
  Select the "Top Ten" customs and rules for all middle school students to know and then rank them in order of their importance.
  Prepare a method for publishing and/or presenting your list to other students in your class or school.
Be sure to examine those websites that include the official federal code regarding flag etiquette.
The successful completion of this webquest will include:
  A compilation of rules and customs regarding the displaying and handling the flag, behavior around the flag, and special occasions regarding the flag.
  An explanation of your method for selecting those rules and customs included on your "Top Ten" list.
  A completed and edited version of the "Top Ten."
  A presentation of the "Top Ten" list to other students
Congratulations! By completing this project you have become a better-informed citizen and you now can help others to become better-informed citizens. You may want to look for other opportunities to share your information about the flag.
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