Veterans Day Programs

Published: 3/21/2014 11:57 AM

The passage of Senate Bill 47 in 2006 changed the Veterans Day requirements for schools in Kentucky. Formerly, all High Schools in Kentucky were required to devote one class period to the observance of Veterans Day. With this new legislation, all public schools are required to:


(1) On Veterans Day, or one (1) of the five (5) school days preceding Veterans Day, one (1) class or instructional period shall be devoted to the observance of Veterans Day.
(2) Students shall assemble in one (1) or more groups, as decided by the school principal, to attend the Veterans Day program.
(3) The program shall be approved by the principal and, at a minimum, shall consist of a teacher and a veteran speaking on the meaning of Veterans Day.
(4) To develop a Veterans Day program, Kentucky public schools are encouraged to seek advice from the Kentucky Department of Veterans' Affairs and veterans' service organizations, including but not limited to the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Below is a list of contacts and resources to help in planning your Veterans Day observance.

Office of the Commissioner, Telephone: 502-564-9203. has Veterans Day resources from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. This site has links to teaching materials for all age groups, plus history and background information.
For assistance locating a Veteran to participate in your school Veterans Day program go to
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Please contact the local chapter, which is found in your local telephone directory, and speak to the Commander or the Ladies Auxiliary VFW President. In the event that local VFW contact information cannot be found, please call:
VFW State Headquarters
Cecil W Caruso
VFW Department of Kentucky
PO Box 37050
Louisville, KY 40233
Telephone: 502-635-2638
American Legion:
To find a list of other Veterans Organizations go online at
Jennifer Fraker
Office of Next-Generation Learners
Division of Program Standards
500 Mero Street, 18th Floor CPT
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 564-2106
Fax (502) 564-9848