Voting and Elections

Published: 3/21/2014 11:58 AM

The Kentucky Department of Education has provided this information to support schools in teaching students the importance of voting. These resources will allow teachers easy access to downloadable voter registration cards, election ballots and lesson plans that will shape Kentucky students into actively engaged citizens to support the Commonwealth.


Kentucky’s Secretary of State Office
This site provides voting resources for teachers that will assist students on how to register to vote, downloadable current election ballots and registration cards and lesson activities for teachers.
Kentucky Voting Ballots -
Kentucky Voting Registration Cards -
Educational Resources –
Kids Voting USA
Kids Voting USA’s mission is to help young people become educated, engaged voters. And, education starts in the classroom with a unique civic learning experience.

Students, who participate in Kids Voting USA activities, learn how to gather information, think critically and make decisions. They also learn important collaboration skills as well as respect for differing points of view – skills useful not only for civic participation but also for life.
By The People - PBS
The lesson plans listed below are organized by grade level and topic. All are designed to tie to state and national standards for civics, history, mathematics and language arts. You may find more information about state standards matches for any of the lessons listed below by visiting the Search and Standards Match section of PBS Teacher Source. In addition to the lessons listed below, educators may find useful content on the NewsHour Extra! For Students Web site, this is updated every week with articles, video segments, columns by student journalists and more.
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