Boyle County High School Social Studies Curriculum Map

Published: 3/24/2014 2:03 PM

​Boyle County Schools shared their High School Social Studies Curriculum Map and the description below.


Boyle County Schools
High School Social Studies Curriculum Map
Voluntary Scholastic reviews three years ago revealed that the district curriculum documents did not include the most recent version of the Kentucky Core Content for Assessment. Spring and summer work involving groups of district, school and classroom leadership resulted in the draft documents that we currently have.
We are beginning a process of taking our curriculum documents to the next level of implementation this summer by mapping 8th and 9th grade core curriculum. We will use a calendar-based approach to charting content and assessments for this critical transition year. From that information, we will develop standards based units and decide on a more comprehensive ninth grade transition approach for the following year.
For more information about this map, please contact Mary Rudd at Boyle County Schools.
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