Campbellsville Independent Schools Primary Social Studies Curriculum Maps

Published: 3/24/2014 2:18 PM

Campbellsville Independent Schools shared their primary Social Studies curriculum maps and description.


Campbellsville Independent Schools
Primary Social Studies

Based on CATS information and other assessment data, we identified gaps in our curriculum. Teachers independently identified taught curriculum then worked in groups to assess grade level curriculum.  Next, all subject area teachers in one school met to finalize curriculum. The next step will be to work district wide. We will do this on PD days and early release days. We will be continuing these steps in other subjects during 2004-2005. This is a never-ending process. It will need to be modified each year as we learn about mistakes and successes. 

For more information about this map, please contact Beverly Ennis at Campbellsville Independent Schools.

Campbellsville Independent Schools Primary Social Studies
CM Campbellsville P1 SS 66F.docCM Campbellsville P1 SS 66F.doc
CM Campbellsville P2 SS 8B3.docCM Campbellsville P2 SS 8B3.doc
CM Campbellsville P3 SS D07.docCM Campbellsville P3 SS D07.doc
CM Campbellsville P4 SS 52A.docCM Campbellsville P4 SS 52A.doc

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