Drakes Creek Middle School 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Map

Published: 3/24/2014 2:42 PM

​Drakes Creek Middle School shared their middle school Social Studies Curriculum Map and the description below.


​Drakes Creek Middle School
8th GradeSocial Studies Curriculum Map

Drakes Creek Middle School developed curriculum maps to make maximum use of instructional time and to intentionally plan when, what, how long, and how each content unit would be addressed. Teachers first designed individual maps, using the Program of Studies, Core Content, past planning guides and resource materials. Over time, it became obvious that if all students in the school were to be offered equal access, that content teachers needed to plan a common map. Thus, the next step involved content grade level teachers working together to create one map. This provided an opportunity for important dialogue between content teachers, sharing effective instructional strategies, negotiating which content needed more or less time, identifying critical vocabulary terms, collaborating in designing appropriate open response items for each unit. These maps have created a unified approach to content, regardless of who teaches the class. These maps are reviewed annually and changes are usually made. More efforts are being made now in the direction of vertical mapping, to ensure that any gaps or overlaps are appropriately addressed. Teachers use maps as a long-term guide for instruction. Many say that it has made their day-to-day work much easier. They know from the beginning where they're headed and approximately how much time they have to address each content piece. The mapping process highlights the need to make every instructional day count.
For more information about this map, please contact David Hutchison, Principal, at Drakes Creek Middle School.
Drakes Creek Middle School
8th Grade Social Studies


Note: If you'd like to use this map or amend it to suit your needs, please check below for a handy Microsoft Word version. Just click on the Word icon to open it on your computer, then choose Word's Save As command to save it locally.
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