Ft. Thomas High School Social Studies Curriculum Maps

Published: 3/24/2014 2:55 PM

​Ft. Thomas Independent Schools shared these High School Social Studies curriculum maps and the description below.


Ft. Thomas Independent Schools
High School Social Studies

We have not developed curriculum maps but rather curriculum guides for courses required for high school graduation as well as the courses that lead up to those courses. Each guide contains a framework including essential questions, links to core content and the Program of Studies, essential content identified by our teachers, as well as suggested activities for students to engage in to show they understand the content. We chose this format because teachers can manage a unit. Because our guides integrate all the required standards, teachers need only to use our document to plan lessons, eliminating the need to navigate the many state documents.

Our curriculum guides were developed by teachers in the district and we provide new teachers training in how to use the documents to design and plan lessons.

A word of caution: Much effort has gone into aligning our curriculum both horizontally and vertically. The curriculum guides reflect a scope and sequence of content, skills, and behaviors that all our teachers implement in a linear sequence. Therefore, we caution any individual teacher or school from implementing any one part of our curriculum without careful consideration of how that piece fits into the entire curricular scope of the school.

Ft Thomas Social Studies Overview CM.pdfFt Thomas Social Studies Overview CM.pdf
Ft Thomas 10th Grade Social Studies CM.pdfFt Thomas 10th Grade Social Studies CM.pdf
Ft Thomas 11th Grade Social Studies CM.pdfFt Thomas 11th Grade Social Studies CM.pdf
Ft Thomas 12th Grade Social Studies CM.pdfFt Thomas 12th Grade Social Studies CM.pdf
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