Jefferson County Intermediate Social Studies Curriculum Maps

Published: 3/25/2014 9:05 AM

​Jefferson County Schools shared these Intermediate Social Studies Curriculum Maps and description.


Jefferson County Schools
Intermediate Social Studies Curriculum Maps

The Curriculum and Assessment Map is an instructional tool that was developed to assist teachers with sequencing and pacing of lessons. By using the map, teachers across the district synchronize instruction helping to ensure that instruction is not interrupted when students move from school to school and that students are prepared for assessments.
The JCPS Curriculum Guides (known as Core Content Guides or CCGs) are instructional tools designed to assist teachers in planning lessons to ensure that students are prepared in each subject at each grade level for the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System (CATS).  They clearly articulate what teachers should teach and what students are expected to learn in all content areas. These guides help teachers focus on the core content for assessment.
The JCPS Curriculum Guides were developed in 2001 in response to feedback from first-year teachers who indicated a need for an instructional tool to guide them in teaching the core content. In each content area, the curriculum specialists, resource teachers, and representative groups of elementary, middle and high school teachers worked together to make this vision a reality. Teachers who exhibited exceptional excellence in teaching various core content subjects were solicited to develop the requested instructional tool.
The Core Content Guides include the specific core content, skills and process that should be taught each year and the length of time to be spent on each topic. They emphasize the content and skills that students must have to reach proficiency as measured by CATS and are aligned with the Kentucky Program of Studies, Academic Expectations, and Core Content for Assessment. The following academic areas are included:
Literacy (Five Block Reading) Mathematics (Investigations in Number, Data and Space) Science (Inquiry Module System) Social Studies Practical Living Arts and Humanities Instrumental Music (not assessed on CATS) World Language (not assessed on CATS)
Distribution/Access: Each teacher received his or her own copy of the Core Content Guides according to their respective grade level. Professional development was provided to explain the purpose and use of the guides and address any questions. In 2002, the Core Content Guides were made available to teachers electronically.
For more information about this map, please contact Jacqueline Austin at Jefferson County Public Schools.
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