KDE Arts and Humanities Partners

Published: 4/10/2014 9:38 AM

Arts and Humanities at the Kentucky Department of Education is proud to partner with other outside agencies and organizations; sharing expertise and resources. The partners can assist districts, schools, teachers, and other stakeholders to locate visiting artists, attain grants, and a myriad of other resources.


Kentucky Arts Council
The Kentucky Arts Council is the state government agency responsible for developing and promoting support for the arts in Kentucky. As the state’s arts agency, we create opportunities for people to find value in the arts, participate in the arts and benefit from the arts through programs, grants and services.
Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts is dedicated to enriching the lives of all people in our community, state and region through the arts. We believe that the human capacity for art is universal and that we have been called upon both to present art and to build bridges of understanding and access to the arts.
Kentucky Educational Television
KET is Kentucky’s educational television network, but its vision takes you far beyond just television or computer screens. These are merely the tools KET uses to deliver resources to Kentucky. KET is really about ideas—about learning, the arts and culture, and citizenship. KET works each day to use television, online video and related media for the benefit of everyone in Kentucky. A very valuable resource available to arts teachers as well as to other content area teachers are the Arts Toolkits.
Collaborative for Teaching and Learning
Founded in 1994, CTL helps schools, school districts, post-secondary institutions, and other learning organizations to reach and teach all learners. Our work extends from our home base in Louisville, Kentucky to national and international settings, increasing the capacity of all kinds of organizations to meet their learning goals.
VSA Kentucky
VSA Kentucky is a statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting arts, education and creative expression for all, with an emphasis on persons with disabilities. VSA Kentucky provides arts education and inclusion programs for children and adults with disabilities throughout the state and offers an under-served population equal opportunity to explore the arts in a way that is fully accessible. Through participatory involvement with trained professionals and volunteers, people with disabilities learn new creative and social skills that open doors to new opportunities in the arts. Programming and initiatives are guided by four essential principles:
  • Every young person with a disability deserves access to appropriate arts learning experiences.
  • All resident artists in schools and art educators should be adequately prepared to include students with disabilities in their instruction.
  • All children, youth and adults with disabilities should have access to community cultural facilities and activities.
  • All individuals with disabilities who aspire to careers in the arts should have the opportunity to develop necessary skills.
For more information, contact:
Mary Claire O’Neal, Program Director
VSA Kentucky
21st Floor, Capital Plaza Tower
Frankfort, KY 40601
502-564-3775 or email: programs@vsartsky.org 
Arts Professional Organizations
Kentucky Art Education Association
The mission of the Kentucky Art Education Association (KyAEA) is to advance art education through professional development, service, advancement of knowledge, and leadership. To that end, the association promotes quality instruction in visual arts education that is delivered by qualified personnel; holds public discussions; sponsors workshops and institutes, publishes articles, reports, and surveys; provides a network for communication; supports student exhibitions; and works with other related agencies in support of visual arts education.
Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
The Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (KAHPERD) is a non-profit association representing professionals in Health and Safety education, Physical Education and Sport, Recreation and Leisure, and Dance education. The mission is to support the needs of professionals in these fields who work to improve the quality of life for citizens of Kentucky.
Kentucky Music Educators Association
The Kentucky Music Educators Association, is a 501(c)3 organization consisting of over 2,000 professional music educators at all levels from kindergarten to the university level who are dedicated to the cause of music education in Kentucky. Included are in-service, pre-service and retired music educators. Associated with the National Music Educators Association, KMEA serves as a voice for Kentucky's music educators.
Kentucky Theatre Association
The Kentucky Theatre Association’s (KTA) mission is to represent theatres on all levels. In essence, KTA does whatever theatre in Kentucky needs to achieve sustainability. This method allows KTA the opportunity to be ever-evolving. Currently, KTA's key focal points are: Promoting, Instructing, Advocating, and Facilitating. Through these four key areas, KTA seeks to promote not theatre that can simply sustain itself in Kentucky, but also thrive.
Other Arts Resources
AP Central
Information for students, parents, and professionals about Advanced Placement from the College Board.
Americans for the Arts
Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2010, Americans for the Arts is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America. Americans for the Arts is dedicated to representing and serving local communities and creating opportunities for every American to participate in and appreciate all forms of the arts. From offices in Washington, DC, and New York City, it serves more than 150,000 organizational and individual members and stakeholders.
Arts Edge
ARTSEDGE — the National Arts and Education Network — supports the placement of the arts at the center of the curriculum and advocates creative use of technology to enhance the K-12 educational experience. ARTSEDGE empowers educators to teach in, through, and about the arts by providing the tools to develop interdisciplinary curricula that fully integrate the arts with other academic subjects.
Arts Education Partnership
The Arts Education Partnership provides information and communication about current and emerging arts education policies, issues, and activities at the national, state, and local levels.  Our major projects and activities include: commissioning and disseminating research about critical arts and education issues; maintaining and linking databases on state-level policies for arts education; and convening national forums around significant themes and issues in the field.  Our partners include federal arts and education agencies, state departments of education, state arts agencies, national arts and education organizations, and arts and education collaboration at the state and local level.
The Kennedy Center
Since opening in 1971, the Kennedy Center has continued its efforts to fulfill his vision—presenting the greatest performers and performances from across America and around the world, nurturing new works and young artists, and serving the nation as a leader in arts education.
The Wallace Foundation
The Wallace Foundation seeks to support and share effective ideas and practices that will strengthen education leadership, arts participation and out-of-school learning.
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