Substitution Process for Previously Adopted Items

Published: 6/8/2015 5:05 PM

Substitutions will be considered by the State Textbook Commission during the first meeting of each calendar year.

704 KAR 3:455 section 10

  • A request to substitute revised editions of items under contract shall be considered at the first regular meeting of the calendar year of the State Textbook Commission.
  • Substitutions shall not be permitted for items to be used the last year of a contract.
  • The vendor shall agree to supply either the listed item or the substituted item in accordance with the local school district's request.
  • The revised edition shall be at the same price at which the item was bid and the content shall be compatible for use with the old edition. 
  • The physical materials and workmanship of the revised edition shall be of equal or better quality than the older edition. Submit Forms B and/or M as applicable for the items being substituted.
  • Ancillary materials for a substituted textbook or program shall be available at the time the vendor submits substitution request.
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