Suggested Annual Timeline for District Textbook Coordinators

Published: 4/15/2015 11:43 AM

Relates to the purchasing of textbooks and instructional resources.


By September 20
State Textbook Commission approves and publishes the State Multiple List. 
October and November
Various state associations’ conferences are held at which vendors exhibit their products for school personnel to view.
By November 15
Online version of Consumer Guide available on the KDE website 
November and December
Begin requesting samples from publishers
Vendor contact information is available as part of the Consumer Guide.
January through March
Inform school personnel of regional instructional resources showcases.

Plan visits to regional sample collection sites.
January and February
Inform schools of their tentative textbook allocation amount based on tentative district allocation provided by KDE Division of Finance.

High School councils receive allocation from local funds for textbooks.

Provide technical assistance to schools as they begin to develop their purchasing plans.
March and April
March 1 –official textbook allocations from districts to councils

Continue to provide assistance to schools in developing their purchase plans.

Begin Off-List Notification Process, if necessary.
By May 1 (suggested date)
Schools complete purchase plans, including site-based council approval, if appropriate.
May and June
Schools submit completed purchase plans to the district office by the end of May.

Purchase plans approved by local board.

Place orders or assist schools with placing orders, making vendors aware of the need for invoicing and billing dated July 1 or later.
By July 1
Post District Comprehensive Improvement Plan [CDIP] on district’s web page. District submits “assurances” electronically by July 1.
Receive the district textbook allocation from KDE finance office.
Following this timeline will help assure that textbook and instructional resources arrive before the start of school.
Check board policy for local due dates.
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