Connecting Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Published: 10/4/2012 10:11 AM
As districts address effective instructional planning for all students, resources will be added that can facilitate discussion and effective planning.
Users may also want to check out How to Design a Standards-Based Unit of Study and the Literacy website for additional supporting resources. Both of these links are part of the KDE website.
"Gathering Blue"-A Standard-Based Unit of Study

This standards-based unit of study designed for Grades 5-8 incorporates the Attributes of Kentucky Standards-Based Units of Study and serves as a model for those developing standards-based units of study

Attributes of a Standards Based Unit of Study
A unit of study is a cohesive and intentional plan for teaching and learning developed to address content standards in a meaningful way. Standards-based units of study are designed to ensure that every student will learn at high levels.

How to Develop a Standards-Based Unit of Study
The planning process for units of study described in this manual can be used to develop any unit of study, regardless of grade level, content area, or level of integration.
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