Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework

Published: 10/2/2014 8:36 AM

In March 2009, Kentucky’s General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1. Passage of this bill requires the design and development of a state-level model curriculum framework.


“Section 1. KRS 158.6451 (2) The Kentucky Board of Education shall disseminate to local school districts and schools a model curriculum framework which is directly tied to the goals, outcomes, and assessment strategies developed pursuant to this section and KRS 158.645 and 158.6453. The framework shall identify teaching and assessment strategies, instructional material resources, ideas on how to incorporate the resources of the community, a directory of model teaching sites, alternative ways of using school time, and strategies to incorporate character education throughout the curriculum.”

The Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework (KMCF) [per section 1. KRS 158.6451(2)] serves as a facilitation guide to assist an instructional supervisor, principal, and/or teacher leader. The framework provides a rationale for the need to revisit curriculum planning, offers background information and exercises to generate “future oriented” thinking, and suggests a process for designing and reviewing the local curriculum.
Those facilitating curriculum conversations and other educators may choose to use the power point, How to Use the KY Model Curriculum Framework. An outline of the focus and features of the framework and a video that reinforces the direction and guidance provided in the framework are included in the power point.
Proceed through the Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework in the order that best fits your district or school’s needs. Links to resources that will directly help in the implementation of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards such as sample deconstructed English/language arts and mathematics standards, sample pacing guides, gap analysis tool, and more are found in the framework.
Think and Apply activities are located throughout the KMCF. These are:
  • Designed as starting points for KY educators to engage with the new framework
  • Organized around the key points and seek to clarify and focus attention on important elements of the framework
  • Intended primarily for teacher teams or curriculum design teams but are adaptable for other audiences (such as administrators, pre-service teachers, higher education, etc.)
After facilitating or participating in the use of the Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework, complete the KMCF Survey. The information gathered from this survey and from districts choosing to participate in feedback sessions with the KMCF Committee will be used in annual updates of the Kentucky Model Curriculum Framework.

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