Intermediate School Science Curriculum Maps

Published: 10/3/2012 1:55 PM

Intermediate School Science Curriculum Maps


Lewis County 4th Grade Science Curriculum Map
Lewis County Schools shared their 4th grade science curriculum map and the description below.

Lewis County Schools
4th Grade Science Curriculum Map
Lewis County Schools began the curriculum mapping process as a way to ensure that every child received the same curriculum and assessments throughout the district – an equity issue based on CATS data analysis, and as a means of supporting new (inexperienced) teachers. Our needs assessments indicated significant gaps and overlaps in the curriculum, and teachers stated they were confused about when and what to teach.
This process began after we heard Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs discuss curriculum mapping in the summer of 2000. We intensified our efforts after attending her session, "Applied Leadership: Curriculum Mapping as a Tool for School-wide Renewal" at an ASCD conference in Orlando, Florida in July 2001. Her curriculum mapping process seemed like an efficient way to plan "with the end in mind." The stages included: initial discussions with administrators/teachers, collecting the data, determining format, building maps, first read-through, small group review, determining immediate revision points, determining points requiring more research and planning, implementing the maps in the classroom, collecting feedback from teachers, continue revisions and refining of maps (constant cycle).
We are still in the process of revising and refining maps - the decision to have all maps include core content/POS/national standards, essential questions, knowledge/skills, resources, and assessments came about through group review and teacher feedback. We have complete maps in some grades/subjects but not for every grade and every content area. This process is still a major component in our district/school improvement plans. Our goal is to have all maps completed and posted to our web site by July 2005.
Next steps include more revisions, completing maps K-12, a complete review and overhaul of the language arts curriculum, and future posting of maps to our website. Curriculum mapping work sessions have been scheduled throughout the 2004-05 school year through a variety of avenues: cadre meetings, professional development trainings, individual teacher assignments, department/team meetings, etc.

For more information about this map, please contact Diane Johnson at Lewis County Schools.

Note: If you'd like to use this map or amend it to suit your needs, please click on the Word icon to open it on your computer, then choose Word's Save As command to save it locally.

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