Primary School Science Curriculum Map

Published: 10/1/2012 1:34 PM

LaRue County Schools shared their primary science curriculum map and the description below.


LaRue County Schools
Primary Science
LaRue County Schools decided to develop curriculum maps and other documents to help teachers intentionally plan and deliver instruction with core content as a basis. The process began in the fall of 2002. We arbitrarily chose the core area of math as a starting point. Each semester and over the summers a different core content area was addressed.
During the development and alignment process, a vertical team of K—12 teachers in each core area was assembled. First, the teachers gathered input from teachers at the building level. Second, a day or two was designated for the vertical team to meet. The team worked in elementary, middle, and high school grade ranges. After the grade range specific work was done, the team reassembled to address transition issues from elementary to middle school and middle to high school.
As of June 2004, LaRue County Schools have completed the curriculum alignment/mapping in all the core content areas. The next steps for the district will be to emphasize the use of the documents for intentional planning of standards-based units of instruction and for the delivery of classroom instruction grounded in core content. The LaRue County curriculum documents are "works in progress." As teachers begin to use the core content documents, questions will arise and adjustments will undoubtedly need to be made. These questions and adjustments provide opportunities for colleagues to reflect on practices, to make mid-course corrections, and to enhance student achievement at all levels.
For more information about this map, please contact Karen Downs at LaRue County Schools.
LaRue County Schools - Primary Science
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